J.Crew New Arrivals – November 2016 Style Guide

Hello! Somehow it’s the end of October and already time for another J.Crew rollout. This past rollout had a lot of spring looking items – from a color palette and design standpoint so I’m hopeful that the holiday rollout (November 7) will have more winter-y items. But nonetheless, there were still some items to love and a few that I would gladly wear in another season. I took a lot of photos so I’ll probably split in to two posts.

First up, the Double-Breasted Coat in Oxford Check. This coat sold out immediately upon rollout but they must have replenished stock because it is back in a full size run online and my store had a whole rack of them.  This print also comes in a Mini Skirt. I would have loved to see a blazer or a pencil skirt in this print as I cannot quite do the mini thing. The skirt comes in petite and regular length.

20161021_204857Shoes: J.Crew

I’m wearing a size 10 in this coat so I would say it definitely has a generous fit as I’m usually a 12 in their coats. I could comfortably button up the coat and it has a pretty pinstripe and yellow piped lining inside which is always a fun touch. This isn’t a must have for me but it’s a fun coat and it’s nice to see a slightly different style since we have pretty much seen the same lineup of coats the past few years. I am good in the coat department this year (famous last words) so unless this hit crazy sale, I’m staying put.

Next up, the Gayle Tie-Neck Sweater. This comes in heather graphite and heather muslin (read: ivory) but my store only had the grey. There were two left to try on in store so this must be a popular one. The wool on this was on the softer side but I do worry this one might pill.


Pants: Banana Republic / Shoes: J.Crew

I’m wearing a medium in this sweater and it still fit a little relaxed so I would take the smaller of your two sweater sizes. I like the way the website shows a white shirt layered underneath and the SA at the store gave me the Club-Collar Boy Shirt in Gingham to try underneath it which I liked as well. I wasn’t wearing the right bra with this sweater which I think is making it look a little wonky, but overall I liked it. I wanted the fit to be a little slimmer at the bottom but I’m not sure I could have eked out a small in this sweater. I was hesitant with the mock neck but it’s not very tall and I think it’s a really cute sweater at a reasonable price point. Here’s a closeup with the grosgrain ribbon bow:


I also liked that the bow is substantial and not floppy or flimsy – it seemed to stay in place which is why I liked it better than some of the other tie-neck tops (which I’m pretty slow to get in to – they are too fussy for me!)

Next was a total love, the Cape Scarf in Oversized Plaid. This comes in grey/ivory (shown) and navy/ivory; although the reviews say that the color mix is actually navy and grey. This style also comes in a different plaid print as well. I’m wearing it with the Tissue Turtleneck in Stripe which is a staple in my closet. I love the easy nature of this shawl and it feels nice and cozy without being super bulky.


Pants: Banana Republic / Shoes: J.Crew

The cape scarf is one size and I’m wearing a medium in the tissue turtleneck. Here’s a shot of the turtleneck solo:


I’m stripesick, I know, but I love the lean fit of this turtleneck and it’s a great layering piece.

Next up, the Tippi Sweater in Embroidered Stars. I’m admittedly not one for cutesy embellishments on stuff (fruit, critters, etc.) but this is really well done and I like that the stars are sewn in to the sweater. It’s a really fun sweater.


I’m wearing a size medium which is what seems to be my go to size in the Tippis lately. I probably could go to a large for a more relaxed fit. The sweater itself is navy and the gold thread is a true gold but it’s not obnoxious or over sparkly. I think this will be a popular item.

Last up for now, the Supersoft Wool Sweater in Multistripe. Reading the name of this sweater, I am not sure that I would call this sweater super soft, but it was pretty soft. The knit is a waffled knit and it is all wool, which is a nice departure from some of the blends we’ve been seeing.


I’m not a huge fan of the color mix on this, and I feel like we’ve seen this before at other retailers (Gap, etc.) I’m wearing a medium and it was a good fit but I could have sized up for a more relaxed fit.

There are still a few items I want to try that my store didn’t have, including the Lightweight Wool Jackie Cardigan in Argyle and matching shell.

And finally, here’s a better shot of the shoes I’m wearing in these photos – Slingback Flats in Snakeskin Printed Leather. I found these to be true to size – the back strap is very comfortable and adjustable and while the glitter shed a little bit it wasn’t too bad. I need to spray them to prevent further shedding.


So, there you have it, some of the November new arrivals. Any favorites? Not so much? Would love to hear what you think and thanks for visiting!


J.Crew New Arrivals – October 2016 Style Guide

Hello! It’s that time of the year again – time for fall clothes! The fall rollouts at J.Crew are the ones I look forward to the most. I’ll be honest, though, while there are items I liked in this latest rollout, there aren’t a lot of “must haves” for me at this point. I am glad to see a lot of the same styles from last year (wide leg pants, cage flats, etc.)  and as I have said in previous posts, I’ll be looking for ways to re-style my classics as we head in to this fall and winter. I like a lot of the neutrals being shown this fall, but I do miss the signature prints we’re used to from J.Crew. I’m not a big critter or fruit on clothing person so the latest showing of cherries isn’t doing it for me (I know a lot of people like it so to each their own!) I have always been a fan of windowpane prints, so I’m excited to see this classic print at several of my favorite retailers…the question is which items to pick. Ok, enough of my rambling, onward to some try-ons!

First up, the A-line Dress in Silk-Twill Windowpane Print. I’m wearing a size 12 which was the right size.


I know many of us (me included) have been asking for longer dresses/skirts so I don’t want to complain, but…this was a little too long for me. I think a few inches shorter and it would have been perfect. It’s at least an inch below the knee and I’m 5’8″. So if you’re tall – this dress is for you. I found the bodice to fit well but some of the seam stitching in the waist/hip area didn’t lay as flat as I would have liked them to which hurt the lines of the dress. The colors in the print are navy/brown and white which aren’t my usual color scheme. This is a pass for me. If you were so inclined, it could definitely be taken up, but I would have only done that had I loved the colors.

Next up, the Two-Piece Dress in Silk Baby Dot. I started with a size 12 in this dress (shown in the right photo) and found it to be too big in the waist so tried the 10 for comparison (in the left photo).


Left – Size 10 / Right – Size 12

I liked the idea of this dress a lot in concept but it was too short waisted for me. The size 12 was too big through the waist area but good through the hips and the size 10 was a little too short and the pockets stuck out in the hip area. Both blouse sizes were ok. I would swap the top/waist of the size 10 with the skirt of the 12 (story of my life!)  If you’re shorter waisted this will work for you and take the smaller of your two sizes. The top is a lighter weight silk and the skirt is a textured crepe feeling poly. I am bummed this didn’t work on me.

Next up, the Flutter Sleeve top in Cherry Print. This is a size 10, which is a size down for me, so it runs a bit generous. However, as I stated in my previous post, now that I have bras that actually fit me, I think I have a new normal for what size fits me so it’s going to be a bit of an experiment.


As I said, I’m not a big fruit/critter person. It’s just me…I know a lot of people like it. I like that these aren’t blatantly cherries but it’s still a little too quirky for me. But I like the flutter sleeves and I was pleased to see that there’s a patch of fabric sewn in under the arms of this top to prevent the low arm holes we’ve been seeing on a lot of tops. So thumbs up for that! This blouse silhouette is perfect under a suit and I like that the sleeves aren’t too fluttery.

Next up, the V-Neck Swing Sweater. I’m wearing a size Medium in this sweater so it has a more generous fit.


The material on this is a wool/nylon/viscose blend which is reflected in the price. I should have grabbed a color to try on – in addition to the grey, this sweater also comes in heather burgundy, heather lavender, spicy jade and black. I am not terribly sensitive when it comes to scratchy sweaters but this sweater is slightly scratchy. I liked this sweater and even more so for the price point. It’s on my list and would be a solid weekend casual sweater. I’m also wearing the Distressed Toothpick Jean in Pamona wash (size 32). I grabbed the jeans so I’d have pants to try on with the more casual tops. I have my share of skinny jeans in my closet so these are a pass right now. I find myself reaching for the less skinny/more straight leg or boot cut these days.

Next up, the Tippi Sweater in Jacquard Dot. This also comes in a dusty lilac/cabernet version. But of course…grey and black for me. This is a size medium. If I wanted a looser fit or to layer underneath it, I would size up to a large.


Polka dots, what’s not to love? This was a winner for me and it would get a lot of wear in my wardrobe. It seemed a bit thin which I think is how most of the Tippis have been recently but I love the dots and I can’t seem to get enough of the Tippi sweater.

Lastly, the Campbell Blazer in Donegal Wool. I’m wearing a size 10 which is the smaller of my two blazer sizes.


I like this blazer a lot – the cut is flattering and I like that it doesn’t lose my curves. I was excited to see a fun lining and while I don’t usually pop the collar on my blazers, the hot pink flannel underneath the collar is a fun touch. I don’t really need another grey blazer, but I’ll keep an eye on this one.


So, that’s it for now. I have a few other more casual items that I’ll review in a separate post. Do you have any favorites from this rollout? Would love to hear what you think and thanks for visiting!


More Summer-Fall Neutral Fab

Hello! While Labor Day is come and gone (and I’m still wearing white jeans…and probably a white blazer for a little while longer!) the weather here has been warm so I am very much  in season transition mode. No sweaters here (yet)! And navy continues to be my go to neutral as we venture in to September. I really want to get back in to sharing outfits for those of you who aren’t on Instagram so for those of you who follow me on Instagram, these are a bit of a repeat, but here are some of my favorites from the end of summer/early fall.

This first outfit is something you could wear in to September. I knew these J.Crew Factory Suede D’Orsay Tassel flats had to be mine as soon as I saw them at the store! I started out with the shoes, and was thinking about the camel Regent blazer that is on it’s way to me, and remembered I had this skirt. I tried the shell first minus the blazer but it wasn’t quite right so I added the navy cotton blazer to break up the lighter colors and the necklace was the finishing touch. Definitely a preppy vibe but this outfit was an example of putting neutrals together in a way that was a new combination for me. And all of these are items you can currently find at J.Crew or are classic enough that you may have other alternatives in your closet. I’ll be keeping this color story in mind heading in to fall with wool pants or a double serge wool pencil skirt – or navy pants/skirt and a camel blazer. These shoes will be on repeat through the fall and winter I’m sure! These items are all true to size, I take my usual size 12 in the skirt/blazer, a large in the shell and a 9.5 in the flats (they JUST fit – they’re definitely a tad snug out of the gate).


Blazer: J.Crew / Shell: J.Crew / Skirt: J.Crew / Necklace: J.Crew / Shoes: J.Crew Factory

Next up, a classic black/white combination. And STRIPES of course. This ruffle-sleeve top found it’s way to me several weeks ago but I just finally pulled it out to wear it last week and now that I’ve gone and gotten properly fitted for a bra (more about that in another post), this top fit me even better and I’m looking forward to wearing it more this fall. The pants are the cotton version of the Banana Republic Avery crop pants which are my new love at Banana Republic. These run true to size and are great for those of us who are curvy on bottom!


Top: J.Crew (limited sizes in black/white – also in blue/white) / Pants: Banana Republic (link to wool version) / Shoes: J.Crew (old, similar here)

Next up are two semi-summery look but the blazers can be swapped out for a more season appropriate one come fall. Shirting stripes and leopard are one of my favorite combinations and one I keep coming back to over and over again.


Blazer: J.Crew / Pants: Banana Republic (old, similar here) / Blouse: J.Crew (old) / Shoes: J.Crew


Blouse: J.Crew / Pants: J.Crew / Blazer: J.Crew / Loafers: J.Crew (old, similar here) /Watch: Michael Kors

Lastly, speaking of navy, I have been all about the black and navy pairing. Black and navy and black and brown always used to be such a faux pas, but now it seems to be everywhere and I can’t get enough. I’m not really much of a brown wearer but I am all about the navy and black. I’ve also had this J.Crew factory boyfriend blazer in my closet for months and thought it was a tad too big – I decided to roll the sleeves on it and I find that it balances out the relaxed nature of the blazer. This dress is a shift dress from last summer at J.Crew and the pearls of course are on regular rotation.


Dress: J.Crew (old, similar dress from Banana Republic here) / Blazer: J.Crew Factory (old, similar here) / Shoes: J.Crew / Necklace: J.Crew / Watch: Michael Kors

Well, I spoke too soon, because it took me a few days to write this post and this morning the weather seems to have turned (cue my seasonal cold!) I’m excited to check out the new fall arrivals at J.Crew and Banana Republic and start to switch out my fall clothes! I feel a bit of a closet purge coming on as well so we’ll see how that goes. For now, thanks for stopping by and would love to hear how you’re getting ready for fall!


J.Crew New Arrivals – September 2016 Style Guide Part 2

Hi! As promised, I’m back with part two of my September 2016 J.Crew try-on session last week. You can see part one in this post.

First up, the Colorblock Stripe Ponte Dress. I cannot walk by a striped dress and not try it on.


Necklace: J.Crew Enamel Locket Necklace

This dress runs big. I think it looks better in the photo than it felt on me in the dressing room – I felt like it was just a tad too tight and short for my comfort. This is a medium and is definitely hugging my curves. I didn’t try the large, but the sleeves are bigger than the body in this dress and while I would have appreciated the room in the hip/length in a large, the arms would have been huge and odd looking since they’re 3/4 length. I would size down in this one. As you can see, length is above my knees but it’s a cute toss on and go weekend dress. It was a substantial weight too, not too thin or super thick, it reminded me of the maritime dress from a few years ago.

Next up is the Rhodes Blazer in Wild Flamingo. I ordered this online when it was showing low stock and my store was practically wiped out of it as well.


This is my first time trying the Rhodes Blazer and I would say it runs TTS to a bit large. I think the cut is flattering but I had to double check that this was actually wool. As I noted with the Rhodes pants, this is a woven wool – it’s not what I expected at all. I’m used to my (non super 120s) wool blazers to be a little softer and the woven material was really throwing me off. It’s a warm jacket and the saturated pink is beautiful. However, I do have the pink Schoolboy blazer (and a pink wool hacking jacket…and a wool pink Bella jacket) from a few years ago so I’m not sure another of these blazers is totally necessary. Let’s just say I was on the bright pink blazer bandwagon well before J.Crew determined there are 226 shades of pink. I’m still kicking myself for not grabbing the peppermint pink blazer from last year. I digress. The gold buttons aren’t a deal breaker for me but I would prefer them in a more muted tone. I’m a 10/12 in blazers depending on the blazer and this is a 12.  Here’s a closeup of the buttons and you can see the woven nature of the wool. I do adore how it’s styled in the catalog with a black/white striped tee and dark jeans and I’ll be copying that look this fall regardless of if I keep this blazer. As I said before, I love how the style guide this season is refreshing some ways to wear classics.


Ok, enough of pink, onward to the Tippi Sweater in Argyle in Black/Ivory. This also comes in cabernet/geranium (read: burgundy and pink) as well as elm/aqua (brown/aqua blue and what looks like a peachy color).


Pants: J.Crew Teddie Pant/ Loafers: Charlie Tassel Loafer in Snakeskin / Necklace: J.Crew Enamel Locket Necklace

I’m wearing a medium which is the smaller of my two sizes but I feel is the better size in the new style of Tippis. The wool is on the lighter end and seems to be less substantial than the regular Tippi sweaters. I have a few old school J.Crew argyle sweaters that I’ve found on eBay over the years so this isn’t a must have for me but it’s cute. The only reason I might go up to a large in this would be to prevent the pulling across my chest which is my main complaint when wearing argyle like this. It’s just what happens when you have a chest!

Next up, the Margot Top in Silk Foulard. I’m wearing a size 12 in this blouse and would consider it true to size.


The color is out of my general wheelhouse (blue/brown) but I love a good foulard print and J.Crew always nails it. I like that the ruffles aren’t over the top and while I don’t wear a ton of brown, I would wear this under a navy suit. The silk was substantial weight, and the colors are a little more saturated than they show in these photos. I also tried it with the Campbell Blazer in Houndstooth (shown below) and it looked good paired with that.


I’m wearing a 10 in the blazer and I thought it seemed flimsier than most of their wool blazers and the wool is on the scratchier side but it is lined. It was lacking the structure I’d like in a blazer. It felt wimpy to me if that makes any sense. The houndstooth is navy and white.

Last up are a few of the leopard items, starting with the Shift Dress in Leopard. This dress also comes in petite and tall. I’m wearing a 12 which is my usual J.Crew dress size.20160818_193648

Oh, I don’t even know where to start with this dress. First, the material. It’s shiny and heavy and weird. I love a good leopard print and this dress would have been so much cuter in a nice wool. The front chest area is also stitched in a v-pattern which doesn’t really add anything to the look of the dress. It fit like most shift dresses fit me – tight in the hips. Shift dresses are a style I shy away from and this dress will probably look good on people who look good in shift dresses. They’re not my thing. I do think paired with a black turtleneck and tights and booties it would be really cute for winter, but gah. The fabric. It reads cheap to me. The tie-waist skirt is the same material and given items with a thick waist tie don’t do much for my figure, I passed on trying on the skirt. I guess we can’t win them all, but J.Crew, this would have been so much better in wool.

And lastly, the Lightweight wool Jackie Shell in Leopard. I tried a large in this since that’s what size I wear in the cotton Jackie shells (but still find to be slightly short). The wool shell was a little longer but ooh look at those big arm holes. Yikes.


For some reason, I didn’t grab the matching Jackie cardigan in Leopard to try on but I’m usually a large in the Jackie sweaters. Arm holes aside, I like the print on these, and they are a nice lightweight wool. I haven’t bought any of the wool Jackie cardigans because I can do without the gold buttons, but on this leopard print, they pretty much blend in to the wool. If you can size down in the shell, that would probably solve the arm hole issue but I think the smaller size wouldn’t work with my bust.

There you have it, the second half of my September catalog try-ons and I feel like I still have to get back to the store for one more round of perusing the store. As I said before, I foresee some closet cleaning come fall so I can focus on what I’ll be looking to fill in come fall/winter. Any of these your favorites? Not so much? Would love to hear what you think and thanks for visiting!!



J.Crew New Arrivals – September 2016 Style Guide Part 1

Hello! As promised, I’m back with some of the new J.Crew fall arrivals. Fall is always my favorite clothing season and while I’m not rushing the rest of this summer, I was excited to get my fall J.Crew style guide and find there was plenty to love in the new catalog. This is probably one of my favorite rollouts in a while (and not only because it features a fantastic shade of flamingo pink). I found there was a lot to love in the way of neutrals and I enjoyed seeing styling that I can implement using my current closet items. I feel a post-summer closet purge coming on and I’m definitely trying to be a little more deliberate about what I’m adding to my closet this fall to make sure that it’s money well spent. But..in the mean time, let’s try on some clothes! I am splitting this in to two posts because I had more photos than I realized.

First up, the Ruffle Front Chiffon Top in Vibrant Paisley and the Double Pleated Skirt in Vivid Paisley. I’m wearing a 12 in both so I would say they are true to size. I had to go back and make sure I had the print names right…vibrant…vivid, what’s the difference? They look the same to me! Typo, perhaps?


Necklace: J.Crew Enamel Locket Necklace / Shoes: J.Crew Elsie Suede Pumps

I have to say, I didn’t hate this. In J.Crew speak, this “hookup” of two items in the same print had an odd appeal to me. Looking at the photos there’s a bit of a retro vibe to this and the pendant necklace is adding to that look. I liked the skirt a lot more than I thought I would. Sometimes the lighter weight skirts highlight my hips and problem areas. The blouse was also very nice and I appreciated the very subtle ruffles, they were not anything that added to my chest area. The blouse comes in a navy polka dot version as well. The skirt length was reasonable for work and I think it would look nice with a neutral or burgundy top. Here’s a closeup of the print:


I tried it with the Tippi Sweater with Ruffles in fuschia blossom (shown below.) but it was a bit too much pink for me.  The neutral shoes are a must with this much pink!


I’m wearing a medium in the Tippi sweater and have found this next generation of Tippi sweaters runs generous as I’m a medium or large in tops.

Next up are the Rhodes pant in Italian wool in wild flamingo.


I’m often a 14 in suiting pants (which end up gaping at the waist) and these are a size 12. They just fit and you can see where they’re pulling a bit in the leg. I wouldn’t have worn these with a tucked in top so the 14s might be worth a try but I’m a little worried they’d be too big. The wool on these is woven and I’ve seen several comparisons to the wool café capris of a few years ago which I would agree with – but these have a thicker weave fabric. I’m not personally sold on the fit for me though so these were a pass for now. I do really like the thicker cuff on the bottom.

Next up, the Edie Top in Shirting Stripe. I was on the fence on this top but couldn’t stop thinking about it and had to see it for myself. It runs true to size, I’m wearing a 12.


Pants: J.Crew Teddie Pant/ Loafers: Charlie Tassel Loafer in Snakeskin

I took it off and put it back on so the sleeves are scrunched up and I didn’t notice until later. I am back and forth in my opinion of this top. The ruffle needs a little fluffing and I tried it on with the pink pants too but I liked the black pairing much better. You can see the pairing with the pink pants on my Instagram page here.  I love the shirting stripe and this made me want a basic top in the same stripe! This enamel necklace is growing on me too. The loafers are true to size as are the Teddie pants.

I also tried the Ruffle Top in Shirting Stripe to see if I liked this better than the Edie top. This is a size 10 so it runs a bit large. This is cute, it has an open back but I found these ruffles to be even more cutesy than the other top.


Here’s the Edie Top in Shirting Stripe paired with the Regent Blazer in Warm Camel. This is a size 10 which is the smaller of my two blazer sizes and the size of most of my older Schoolboy blazers.


I have been wanting a solid camel blazer as the one I had from Factory wasn’t quite the right shade of camel for me. I have a few of the heavier wool Regents from last year and I really like this lighter wool solid version and I can’t believe this is the first time I’m trying it on as I like the fit even better than the heavier wool ones I own. The natural state of this blazer is a popped collar but this current style guide shows it with the collar turned down which you can do with it as well. This is at the top of my wishlist right now and I am loving some of the looks in this month’s style guide featuring a camel blazer and more neutral pairings.

Lastly for this post is the Monday dress in Fiery Sunset. This is a size 12 and as you can see, Spanx would be needed. The lighter color highlights any imperfections but the cut of the dress is beautiful, it’s a work-appropriate length and while the sleeves are a bit much for me, you could throw on a blazer and be good to go.


So, that’s it for now…I’ll do another post with the rest of my try-ons. How about you, what are you loving from this rollout? Any favorites from this post? Would love to hear what you think and thanks for visiting!




Summer Neutrals

Hi! Long time no post…a sunny, beautiful summer has meant not so much blogging! While I am looking forward to fall, I am trying not to rush these beautiful summer days. I am looking forward to fun new fall clothes at J.Crew! As I was looking through my Instagram feed earlier this week, I realized that I’ve kept to a fairly neutral palette these last few weeks. I have definitely hit that point in the summer where I’m all about the ease of an outfit and dresses seem to be on constant rotation. It has been steamy in my neck of the woods but I also have to dress for the unpredictable air conditioning of my office (read: layers!) This is a little bit of a copy and paste action, but I thought I’d share some of my neutral summer work looks from the past few weeks. They’re easy pairings and some good go-to combinations when you’re stuck on what to wear in the morning.



Dress: J.Crew / Cardigan: Tory Burch / Necklace: J.Crew / Shoes: J.Crew (old), similar here / Watch: Michael Kors

This J.Crew Factory dress has lukewarm reviews online but I grabbed it for less than $30 (there’s still a full size run online). I took my regular size 12 and I did have it altered to let the hem out to get me another 1.5″ or so in the length. Paired with a navy cotton blazer and gold flats, it is work appropriate. I would also pair it with the J.Crew Corsica Wedges (which I am still waiting to go on sale!)


Dress: J.Crew Factory / Blazer: J.Crew / Shoes: J.Crew (old), similar here

These Tory Burch cardigans are on constant rotation for me all year – even on sale, they’re a bit pricy, but I have been able to grab these on sale and my price per wear on them is so low at this point, they’ve been worth the money. They run a tad on the small size so the larger of my two sizes (Large) works for me in these. I took my usual size in the striped dress (12).


Dress: J.Crew / Cardigan: Tory Burch / Sandals: Ann Taylor (old, similar here) / Necklace: J.Crew (old, similar here) / Watch: Michael Kors

Another place I’ve had a lot of luck with dresses this summer is Banana Republic. Their sales have been pretty solid – running 40/50% off sale on a regular basis and I like their easy online returns. I picked this dress up on store and was thrilled with how flattering it is – I took a 12 and no need for Spanx – what more do you want?!


Dress: Banana Republic / Blazer: J.Crew / Shoes: J.Crew / Necklace: J.Crew (old, linked to similar style)

Next up, one of my go to weekend styles – with my new favorite Adidas sneakers and a striped dress (one of many in my closet!) I sized down a full size in the sneakers from my usual size and I took a large in this dress.


Dress: J.Crew / Sneakers: Adidas (via Nordstrom) / Purse: J.Crew

So, there you have it, some of my recent summer work outfits and a weekend outfit as well. When in doubt – stick with neutrals! Stay tuned for early fall J.Crew arrivals – hoping to get to the store next week and try on new goodies! Would love to hear what you think and thanks for visiting.


J.Crew Try-Ons – July 2016 Style Guide

Hi! I stopped by my store this week to check out some of the new July 2016 catalog arrivals. While I am feeling fairly set with summer clothing, I did want to check out a few items that are on my wishlist. At this point, I’m waiting for items to go on sale before I purchase any more summer clothing…but that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun trying some things on!

First up, the Mixed-Stripe Pencil Skirt and the Cotton Jackie Cardigan in Embroidered Palm.


Sandals: Corsica Tumbled Leather Espadrille Wedges

I had the skirt on my to-try list and the Jackie cardigan is paired with the skirt in the store, so I tried that on as well. I’m wearing a size 12 in the skirt and a Large in the cardigan, which are my usual sizes. The cardigan is a tad loose but I think you’d want to wear this one button so i would opt for the larger size. I’m personally not one for tropical style prints (maybe it’s living in the Northeast) but I can see why there’s a lot of love for this cardigan and as an outfit liked it (not with these sandals – I had them on to try for size). I should have grabbed a full shot of the skirt without the cardigan covering it but I personally was a fan – there isn’t a lot of stretch in it but I was able to wear my regular size without having to size up which I do need to do sometimes in the non-stretch skirts. I like the horizontal/vertical stripe mix. Do I need another striped skirt? Probably not, but it’s a good way to mix it up and I’ll watch for this one to hit sale. The skirt and cardigan are both black.

Next up, the Short-Sleeve Chambray Shirtdress.


Necklace: J.Crew Long Oval Link Necklace / Sandals: Corsica Tumbled Leather Espadrille Wedges

After seeing this on a few ladies on Instagram, I really wanted to try this out. This dress runs S/M/L and comes in petite and tall. In the oxford cotton version of this dress, I went with a Tall Large but that wasn’t necessary on this dress and the Large was comfortably long enough for me. It is on the looser side, but I don’t think I could have sized down with my hips. I’m 5’8″ and this is right above my knees. The wrinkles of course take a little something away…when is my Crew going to learn to steam everything?? Regardless, I like the lightweight but not too lightweight fabric in this. Yes, the wrinkles are a little concerning but this is definitely staying on my wishlist. It’s such an easy summer weekend dress. I tried the Corsica Tumbled Leather Espadrille Wedges on for size which I loved paired with this dress – I’m a fairly solid 9.5 in J.Crew shoes and they only come in whole sizes and while the website suggested sizing up, sizing down a half size to a 9 was the right call. I have my eye on the light gold version of these shoes but my store was sold out in this color.

The next item I tried on the request of a few friends – Ruffle-sleeve top in Ratti® Into-the-Wild print.


Jeans: J.Crew Billie Demi-Boot Crop Jean in White / Sandals: Target Edyth Gladiator Sandals

The largest size they had in my store was a 10 so I tried that (I’m usually a 12 in blouses). The 12 would have been a better fit – while this wasn’t tight through the arms or chest, it felt a little skimpy on me and I would have appreciated the extra room in the 12. The 10 Tall might work as well. The sleeves are very fluttery and the material is a lightweight cotton. It isn’t terribly sheer but it is lightweight you can see my (white) bra in the photo – a skin tone colored bra may fix that issue but note that the cotton isn’t opaque. Personally, as I said, I am not a tropical/critter type print person. However – a lot of people will like this. I wish we had seen a pencil skirt in this print. It’s a pass for me but I’d say it’s true to size and a great summer print for those ladies who like the tropical prints.

Next up, the Ruffle-Hem Silk top in Gingham.


Necklace: J.Crew Long Oval Link Necklace / Jeans: J.Crew Billie Demi-Boot Crop Jean in White / Sandals: Target Edyth Gladiator Sandals

I tried this in a 12 which was the right size, although I did feel like it was a bit short. It’s a very lightweight silk. Personally, I don’t think the website shot of the model wearing this top is terribly flattering so I didn’t have high hopes for this one but I liked it better on than on the hanger. I think the fact that I have curves helps this top a bit, but I am content with my gingham Martie pants and the gingham cashmere cardigan I snagged in the online pricing mishap.

Next up, the Indigo Gauze Popover Shirt.


I tried this top in a size 12 and it was loose without being sloppy. I often find popovers to not be long enough but this seemed to be a little longer than most that I’ve tried. It’s very lightweight but not sheer at all and in person it looks like a lightweight denim shirt so the “gauze” naming surprises me. I should have hid the silly tag in the front for the photos.

Last up, the Short-Sleeve Popover in Vintage Plaid.


I’m not usually a plaid in the summer person but I liked the colors in this one. I tried a 12 and as you can see it is HUGE. I didn’t love it enough to try a smaller size but definitely size down in this one. I liked that this was lightweight without being see through and if it were not cut so boxy I might have reconsidered it.

So…there you have it, some of the new July items. Do you have any favorites? Would love to hear what you think and thanks for visiting!







J.Crew Dress Try-Ons – June 2016

Hi there! I stopped in to the store yesterday to return a few dresses I had ordered online and decided to try on a few of the summer dresses. I still have my rewards card to spend for this last season but have been feeling like my closet is overflowing with summer items that don’t get enough rotation, so I’ve been trying to be a bit more diligent when it comes to picking summer items. I’m now regretting not at least trying on the Tiered Eyelet Midi Dress – the SA at the store who was helping me was wearing it with a faded denim jacket and fringe sandals and it looked really cute…but she was also a few inches taller and several sizes smaller than I am. I digress.

First up, the Sleeveless A-Line Dress in Windowpane Tweed. I tried this in my usual size 12 which was the right size. This silhouette is a go-to for me due to my shape and this dress was a perfect fit. It is a heavier tweed and lined, but considering most of my summer days are spent in a cool air conditioned office, I wouldn’t have an issue with the weight of this dress.


The dress is a little plain on it’s own, so I would add a blazer and a statement necklace and pumps for work. I was happy with the length on the regular size (I’m 5’8″). There’s a side zipper for the dress which are always a little annoying for me – I would have preferred a (hidden) back zip. Styled creatively or layered, you could probably stretch this more than one season, but I always find I struggle with that and I think I would only tend to reach for this in the warmer months. I would consider it on sale.

Next up, the Flutter-Sleeve Dress in Eyelet in white. I also tried this in a size 12. This dress also comes in bold red, which was not in my store but looks like one of J.Crew’s orangey-red colors.

20160605_133002I wasn’t expecting to like this dress as much as I did. It was a little short for my comfort zone so I think the 12 Tall would be more in my comfort zone. I absolutely have no need for a white dress in my closet right now but it would be great if you’re a bride for a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner. I liked the small uniform eyelets and the flutter sleeve wasn’t too crazy which I liked. I don’t do a ton of orange so I may have been more likely to spring for this dress in a different color – maybe a mint or pink color. Looking at the reviews, this may have come in black as well but must have sold out fast.

Next, the Flutter Sleeve Dress in Ikat. I didn’t realize this was the same style dress as the eyelet dress when I tried it on. I also tried this in a size 12. I was also surprised to see that it’s silk – it’s a very flimsy silk and I would have thought it was polyester to be honest.

20160605_132839As you can see, the dress is pulling in the middle so definitely too small. But, as with many Crew dresses, sizing up would mean that it would be too big up top so it would have to be something that I really loved to consider altering it (or finding it on super sale!) This dress doesn’t come in a tall length, or I might have gotten a little room out of trying a tall – it’s also short but the length didn’t bother me. If you’re well endowed up top but straighter through the hip area, you’d probably be fine with your regular size in this dress – I could see it being too blousy up top if you had a smaller chest. Again, I thought the flutter sleeves were subtle and I’m not usually a big ikat fan but I liked this print.

Lastly, because I need another striped dress in my life, the Striped T-Shirt Dress. I tried this in both a Medium and a Large. It also comes in a navy/fiery red combination.


The medium is on the left and the large on the right. The dress has an exposed gold zipper in back which goes about halfway down the back. It’s a thicker ponte material. As you can see, the medium was a bit more form fitting and accentuated my hips with the alternating stripe design. Length wise it was about the same as the large but I personally preferred the more relaxed fit of the large.

Since my rewards were burning a hole in my pocket, I decided to purchase the striped dress (I know, stripesick), and as I was checking out, a few of the necklaces caught my eye, so I picked up the Long Oval Link Necklace in Burnt Sienna as well as the Crystal Cluster Necklace. With the 30% off in store promotion, the dress and necklace came to pretty much the exact amount of my rewards (which pretty much NEVER happens).


So, not much color to be seen in this post, but some nice classic summer dresses. Have you tried any of these dresses? Any favorites? Would love to hear what you think and thanks for visiting!


J.Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Paisley and Cotton Off-The-Shoulder Top in Stripe

After a quick early morning look at the new May J.Crew arrivals, I ordered a few items that immediately caught my eye, including the No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Paisley  and the Cotton Off-The-Shoulder Top in Stripe. I was excited to finally see a cotton printed pencil skirt (and at a reasonable price point!) in the latest rollout. With the regular length showing a measurement of 25″ (hooray!) I ordered the regular length in this skirt and decided on my regular size 12 due to the cotton/elastane mix. I have had to size up with the non-stretch skirts of late, but most of the J.Crew cotton pencil skirts in my closet are a size 12.


Top: J.Crew Cotton Jackie Shell (older version), Shoes: J.Crew Leather Elsie Pumps

I have to say, I was unsure when I saw the print up close – the main colors are royal blue, yellow, coral and a salmon pink. I don’t wear a lot of blue, and at first I was a bit stumped as to how to style it other than a chambray shirt. This is one of those prints that I like better from far away than up close. I’m wearing it here similar to how it’s styled in the catalog, however, I found that several colors, like lavender and coral, look good with this skirt. Here’s a close-up of the pattern:


I also have the Short-sleeve Popover in Stripe and will try that pairing as well, similar to the website styling. The fit on this is perfect so I’m pleased to say it is true to size – the waistband hits at the higher end of the waist, and I’m thrilled that it actually hits at my knees (I’m 5’8″). The cotton is a textured cotton and lined with what I’m guessing is polyester (the tag doesn’t specify). I personally don’t mind the poly lining as I’m not usually wearing these types of skirts anywhere but work in the summer time. I know some of my older cotton pencil skirts are either unlined or lined with cotton. Overall, bravo, J.Crew. Please make more skirts like this! Here’s the skirt with a (slightly wrinkled) lavender Tippi sweater.


Sweater: J.Crew Tippi Sweater

Next up, the Cotton off-the-shoulder top in stripe. I wasn’t necessarily waiting for these tops to come out, as others were, but I like the look on others, and I was looking forward to trying a new silhouette for summer. I ordered the 12 and 12 Tall in this top, as I was worried about the top being too short. the 12 Tall ended up being a bit too long and large, so the regular 12 is the right size for me. Before I pulled the shirt down off the shoulder, I could see thinking it was too short, but…since this is an off-the-shoulder top, the length is just right. The cotton is lightweight shirting material, similar to the cotton popover I referenced earlier.


Jeans: J.Crew Billie Demi-Boot Crop in White / Sandals: Target Gladiator Sandals

Talk about an easy go-to summer outfit! There’s something to be said for a good collar bone. I didn’t play around much with jewelry, the pendant I tried looked awkward but when I tried it on yesterday with a simpler necklace, I liked that look. However, I don’t think a necklace is a must with this type of top, some fun bracelets may be the way to go.


Here’s another shot from the side.


I don’t think I’d go down another size in this top, so I’ll say it’s true to size. The only thing I’m not totally looking forward to is having to pull out the strapless bra to wear with this top. But, like I said, it’s a different shape than we’ve seen in the past few years for summer tops so I’m looking forward to switching it up a bit.

So, these were two wins from the latest rollout. Have you tried either of these items? Would love to hear what you think and thanks for visiting!


J.Crew In Store Try Ons – May 2016 Style Guide

Hi! It’s time for J.Crew new arrivals again and this time I’m bringing you photos from the dressing room at one of the J.Crew locations in Manhattan. The May 2016 catalog items were released earlier this week and my first chance to check them out in store were at the tail end of my trip to New York City this week. I had grand plans to hit up a few J.Crews in the city, but most of my shopping time was spent in the stores I don’t get to visit in person at home (sorry, J.Crew!) But, there was a Crew a few blocks from where I was staying, so off I went as a last stop this morning before I had to get to the airport.  I did order a few items online earlier this week, including the No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Paisley (yay for a printed cotton pencil skirt!) and the Cotton off-the-shoulder top in Stripe.

I apologize in advance for the Working Girl vibe in most of these photos as my white Converse Chuck Taylor IIs were my walking around and shopping shoe of choice these past few days (even if they are a little bit dirtier now).

First up, the Short-Sleeve Cotton Shirtdress in white. This also comes in black and coral and also tall and petite sizes. These types of dresses are always hit or miss for me but it seemed like a great summer dress if it worked. This is a size large.


Size wise, this is good and I wouldn’t mind the few extra inches the tall would give me. But look at those wrinkles. Sheesh. That’s just from taking it off the hanger and trying it on. I’m feeling very Tom Cruise in Risky Business in the white version of this or feel like I should be in a nurse’s Halloween costume. Maybe the sneakers are throwing me off. Styled right, some people could pull this off. I’d consider this in black though and I appreciate that it’s cut a little more generous through the hips and isn’t indecently short in the regular size. Aside from being a wrinkle magnet, it’s also a bit sheer in the white. My summer is pretty short in the northeast so I have to decide if this would get enough rotation but I’m definitely thinking about it in the black.

Next up, the Silk Smocked-Waist Dress in Paisley. This is a size 12. These types of dresses are either flattering or a total disaster with the smocking.


I would have liked a little less smocking in the middle and a few extra inches on the hem. I have a black dress from Banana Republic from a few years ago with a similar style (less smocking, longer hem) and I wear it all the time. This dress sadly doesn’t come in tall so it’s a pass for me. I am also surprised as I looked up the style number that it’s silk – the material was incredibly lightweight and not memorable as being silk. Some people will look really cute in this dress and I’m surprised that I liked it more than I thought I would even if it’s not totally for me.

Next up, the Short-Sleeve Dress in Multi-Tweed. This is a size 12.

20160422_192752Yeah I know, I look like I’m off to take a power walk over lunch. I liked this dress a lot and it’s a pretty mix of pastel blue, yellow and purple. With a pair of pastel heels, it’s a beautiful spring/summer work outfit. However, it is a wool and acrylic blend and it was on the warm side. The colors are obviously warm weather colors but the material reads like a cooler weather dress. For an air conditioned office, this could be perfect, but if you’re planning on a summer shower in a warmer climate, I’d skip this. Here’s a closeup of the material.


And the last dress, which I’m happy to say is en route to me, is the Diamond Jacquard with pique a-line dress in navy. This also comes in white. I never purchased last year’s a-line jacquard dress and while this is similar to a shift that I already own, the dress was close to sold out online which pushed me to try it out. This is a size 12.


Well, I’m glad and disappointed to know that my J.Crew store isn’t the only one who has trouble keeping their mirrors clean. And I was there first thing in the morning – J.Crew, find your windex!! Aside from the dirty mirror, this dress was a perfect fit. The jacquard material wraps around the side and back of the dress and the a-line is exactly what it should be – a-line! J.Crew bills a lot of their dresses as a-line that usually end up straight on me so I was glad that my hips had some room to breathe in this one. Do I need another navy dress? Well, no…but the fit on this was pretty spot on. And the length was right at the knee in the regular length. Here’s a look at the jacquard pattern around the side of the dress.

20160422_193106Next up, the Mixed Paisley Top. This was originally sold out in almost all sizes online when the collection rolled out earlier this week, but the sizes seem to be back in stock online. This is a size 12.


Jeans: Paige

I liked this blouse when I saw it on others online, but the fit is funny in the arms on this one, so it was a pass. I like the look and idea of the top but the seams in the arms/shoulders rubbed and were tight, and going up a size would have just made it fit funny. I’m all for a nicely printed cotton top for summer and this might work for some with smaller shoulders.

Lastly, the Patchwork-Striped T-shirt in a large. I’m wearing it with the Midi Skirt in Cotton Clip-Dot (size 10) but it looked so ridiculous with my sneakers, it didn’t photograph well.

20160422_192926The cotton on this is substantial and I’d say it’s TTS to a big. I might have tried a medium in this for a more fitted look. If you’re stripesick, this could be another one for the collection. I found it to be a bit busy, like, why mess with a good thing? Speaking of stripes, I also tried the Teddie pant in seersucker and they ran really small – I could barely get the size 12s on, let alone zipped. I liked the seersucker fabric on these, but size up if you’re trying them.

So, there are some of the new May 2016 new arrivals. Have you tried any of these? Any favorites or not so much? Would love to hear what you think and thanks for visiting!