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  • Weekend Wardrobe

    With the long holiday weekend and spending time catching up with family and friends, I had the chance to put together a few more fun outfits than usual in a given weekend. As usual, catching up usually means going out for food and drinks, so here’s a few of my weekend outfits, featuring two of […]

  • Evolution of an Outfit

    Hello blog world! I know I’ve been seriously neglecting this space of the interwebs and right now I’m blaming my busy season at work and the ease of Instagram for posting my daily outfits. But I’m not giving up – there are just so many hours in a day. I have to say I did […]

  • Grey Area

    We’ve reached that time of the year where I live where many days can only be described as grey. Maybe it’s spilling over in to my wardrobe, or maybe I’ve just been so busy with work that grey is one of those easy, pairs with almost anything but isn’t as stark as black colors that […]

  • Happy Halloween!

    Just a quick post to say hello and wish everyone a happy Halloween.! DH and I celebrated Halloween (and our 6th wedding anniversary!) this past Sunday with my inlaws and six nieces and nephews. We went to find pumpkins, took a hayride through the woods and just enjoyed a nice fall afternoon together. I have […]

  • J.Crew Factory – Optical Lace Top and Scalloped Lace Top

    Scalloped Lace Top I purchased this during the 50% off sale when the latest round of new arrivals were released on Factory’s website. After seeing that the sleeves were not white underneath like the photo shows, I knew I had to have it. I have the Retail and Factory versions of the short sleeve Raindrop […]

  • Feeling Inspired

    I have to admit, I’ve been lacking in the inspiration department lately.  Or at least I feel like I’ve been.  I’ve had a bout of writer’s block and I think it also is spilling over in to my wardrobe (perhaps a random association but it makes sense to me…). I’m not going to whine about […]