Category: Crewlet

  • Paisley and Neon

    Yes, I know. More neon. But I’ve gone three whole days this week with no stripes, so I’ll take the victories where I can get them 🙂 This morning I was very glad I had planned my outfit ahead since I had to be up much earlier for work than usual. Which is probably why […]

  • More Stripes for Saturday

    While continuing to lament the demise of the Crewlet Striped linen-cotton sundress, I re-discovered this skirt in my closet on Saturday. I purchased it several months ago in an attempt to replace the derby dress hole in my closet. The navy and red stripes were similar to the dress and while not as easy as […]

  • Casual Friday

    My summer Friday uniform usually consists of a simple dress or a pencil skirt, blouse or graphic tee and cardigan- usually with flats. I’m lucky enough to work in an office where I can pull this look off, and the stack of J.Crew graphic art tees in my closet are grateful that I still wear […]

  • Review: J.Crew Factory Stripe Linen-Cotton Sundress

    We all have those clothing items we regret not purchasing. Some regrets last for a few weeks and we get over it, and others last for months. Depending on how much we regret it, we may stalk the interwebs incessantly trying to find said item, and depending on how much we really want it will […]

  • Establishing a Pattern

    The thing about cataloging your daily wardrobe is you start to see patterns in your wardrobe, such as color, prints, clothing combos or styling. This may seem like an obvious thing, since you make a conscious decision to choose what to wear daily; but there’s something about laying out the day by day and saying […]

  • Spring Brights

    I probably should say summer brights are more appropriate for this outfit today, as temperatures were in the high 80s today. Of course, I was inside at work all day but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t looking fabulous in my bright colors! Today I wore one of my favorite J.Crew pencil skirts from a few […]