Stripes Remixed

So today I decided to delve back in to skirt-land after weeks of wearing primarily pants. I have a closet full of skirts, and I love wearing them, but in this awkward time of I can’t wear tights and my white bare legs might blind you, I’m somewhat hesitant to wear skirts. But after a few days of dismal weather and seeing a sunny day today I decided I could wait no longer to wear my J.Crew No. 2 Pencil skirt in navy-white stripe.

I had originally planned on wearing my new Contessa snakeskin pumps to give my pale legs some help but as I was leaving for work, I grabbed my oasis green J.Crew Cece suede flats to wear to/from my car (no need to kill the blush suede shoes on the first wear) and the green Cece flats ended up being the shoes I wore all day. Excuse the slightly rumpled skirt since, as usual, I was trying to get ready and take pictures and look organized and be to work on time and I still haven’t figured out how to make all of that happen in a timely and organized fashion. I will say that after several runs with the iron, the skirt still looked a little rumpled but I didn’t have time to obsess over it.

20130516_083030     20130516_183024

So then, I had a hair appointment after work tonight and I was so in love with my day combination that I decided to remix it for after work  using the J.Crew lightweight boy shirt in stripe, J.Crew cashmere tee in neon azalea, Gap Destructed Real Straight Jeans,and J.Crew cece suede ballet flats. Necklace is a version of the J.Crew double crystal brulee necklace via eBay. What do you think? A successful remix or not creative enough? Comments please!