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  • J.Crew New Arrivals – December 2017 Style Guide

    Hello! Somehow it is already time for holiday season rollouts. I have a bit of a weakness for these rollouts – sequins, sparkles, velvet, plaid, I want it all. And there’s never enough time to wear it all. Which is what I am trying to keep in mind this year as I decide what to […]

  • J.Crew New Arrivals – November 2017

    Hi there! Another month has passed and it is again time for new arrivals at J.Crew. This is the last fall rollout before we will see holiday items in November. There was no style guide this go around, only a small coat mailer, much to the chagrin of many J.Crew fans. My wallet is happy […]

  • J.Crew New Arrivals – October 2017 Style Guide

    Hello! Time for the first big full fall rollout at J.Crew! It’s usually my favorite time of year but for some reason this post took me forever to put together. Probably because I didn’t find that I loved everything I tried on. I didn’t leave completely empty handed but I was able to be a […]

  • J.Crew New Arrivals – August 2017 Mini Rollout

    Hi all! I stopped by the store the other night to make a return and visit my favorite (friend and) SA and didn’t intend to try anything on. That lasted about five minutes as I wandered around the store and decided I had to at least try on a few of the re-released “vintage” J.Crew items […]

  • J.Crew New Arrivals – September 2017 Style Guide

    Hello! It’s that time again. Summer is flying by and fall clothes are upon us. I admittedly wasn’t blown away by a lot of the latest new arrivals, and I did skip a lot of things to try because I know that I won’t wear them. At this point, I am focused on rebuilding some […]

  • J.Crew New Arrivals – August 2017 Rollout

    Hi! I have to say, it made me a little sad that I couldn’t put “style guide” in this latest post since there was no style guide for the August rollout. For years prior to ever having a local store, I used to dog ear all of the pages of the J.Crew style guides. I […]