J.Crew New Arrivals – July 2017 Style Guide

Hi! Believe it or not, we are now down to the last summer rollout of 2017. Where is the time going? Since July marks the first “pre-fall” rollout (which always has a few warm weather items) this is the last “official” summer rollout! At first glance, I was a bit overwhelmed at all of the ruffles and off-the-shoulder that we’re still seeing everywhere, but in typical J.Crew fashion, once I dig around a bit, I always find items to love.

First up, the Ruffle Top in Chambray.


Jeans: Factory High-Rise Skinny Jean / Sandals: Lace-Up Suede Sandals

I sized down to a 4 in this top. The ruffles on this seemed a bit overwhelming to me, so I could see if you’re petite it might be a bit much. But I have since seen it on several other people online and really liked it. It’s a bit much for me and would be a weekend top since I don’t think it would go well with a blazer (although I admittedly didn’t try it). I like the darker color of the chambray though and it is a longer length. If it’s your style, with white jeans and neutral sandals this is a solid summer outfit. It’s lightweight but not flimsy.

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J.Crew New Arrivals – June 2017 Try-Ons Part 2

Hi! As promised, here is the second round of my try-ons at J.Crew from the June 2017 style guide rollout.

First up, the One-Shoulder Ruffle Dress in Seersucker.

I have no need for this dress, but I liked the fit and appreciate the knee length. This is part of J.Crew’s ready-to-party collection and also comes in papaya/white which looks like a peachy pink color. It also comes in petite and tall. This is lined and as you can see hit me at the knee. I am wearing a size 8 so I’d take the larger of your two sizes. This wouldn’t be office appropriate for me but some may be able to wear it to work. Different shoes/sandals would look better with this, in hindsight, these shoes weren’t the best pick.

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J.Crew New Arrivals – June 2017 Style Guide

Hi! Another month, another round of new arrivals at J.Crew! I’m going to have to split this up in to two posts since I feel like I tried on everything in the store. My store was just upgraded to a new tier so it was more full than usual this month and I felt a little overwhelmed with my dressing room full of stuff. I went in the evening whereas I usually go first thing in the morning and I am on the tail end of my annual spring cold so I was probably a little more tired than usual  but I pushed through. I got the style guide for June and I honestly didn’t see a ton that I had to have but once I tried a few things on I definitely have a few things I’ll be keeping an eye on and depending on your lifestyle, there are definitely items to love. I’m usually looking for workwear items and a few fun weekend pieces. The off-the-shoulder, ruffle, one shoulder trend is still strong and while I’ve more or less hit my saturation point with these, I caved and ended up with another ruffle in my closet for the summer. Enough of my rambling, onward to try ons!

First up, the ruffles I had to have. The lightweight striped off-the-shoulder ruffle sweater.

 Shoes: J.Crew Factory

The minute I put this on I was sold. This sweater also comes in a solid version in black or dried thyme (read: olive) and is a viscose/poly blend. I tried a small which is my go to t-shirt size/Tippi size these days (I’m a 6 in blouses / 32E chest). What I liked about this vs. other off the shoulder tops is that it has a strong elastic and with the material of the sweater, it seemed like it would really stay off the shoulder without much adjustment. I did wear it around the house as I debated wearing it out last night (ended up being a little too cold) and it seemed to stay in place. I know it’s trendy, I know I probably won’t get more than two summers out of it, but it made me happy so it came home with me.

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J.Crew New Arrivals – May 2017 Try-Ons Part 2

Hi there! I am popping in quick with a few pics of some items I ordered online as well as a few of the items from the small rollout last week. I finally got around to taking some photos of the online order so figured I would share everything at once!

First up is the Tie-waist skirt in seaside floral which I paired with the New perfect fit t-shirt in neon petal.

I’m wearing a size 8 and it was a little loose so I would say it runs a tad big. This print also comes in a tie-shoulder peplum top. It is the same material as the Ruffle top in clip dot. Again, I appreciate the length of the skirt but I don’t want all my skirts to tie at the waist. The colors will work with a myriad of options. I went with pink but I also contemplated something in the more olive family or aqua and all of those seemed to work. This was a pass for me. This t-shirt is a love for me – I already have it in a few colors. As you can see, the neon isn’t quite so neon but the darker pink in this tee, the neon brilliant azalea is pretty bright. I like the longer sleeves on the tee. This is a medium which is good for every day wear.

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J.Crew New Arrivals – May 2017 Style Guide

Hi there! I’m back with some new arrivals from the May 2017 style guide. I have to be honest – this rollout isn’t one of my favorites. As I’ve said on other online platforms, while I’ve purchased a few off the shoulder tops, I’m hitting my saturation point. These tops aren’t office friendly and well…how many does one really need? But, I still found a few things that I’ll be wishlisting and I ordered a few things online that weren’t in the store. I have to remind myself constantly how short our summer season is and as I rebuild my wardrobe I am trying to be more calculated about what I’m purchasing for summer. However, I was curious to try items on because sometimes I am surprised. So, let’s get started!

First up, the Tie-Waist Skirt in Puckered Morning Floral which I’ve paired with the On Island Time Tee.

This skirt comes in petite, tall and regular length. The material of the skirt is exactly as the name says – puckered cotton. The tie on the skirt is only on the front of the skirt, unlike some of the other tie waist skirts that have been out recently. I appreciated this because you don’t have to undo the bow when you put the skirt on which is helpful when it can be difficult to achieve the perfect bow. I thought there was a little too much bow on the skirt. I am wearing a size 8 in this skirt which seems to be the smaller of my two skirt sizes these days. It fit in the waist but it still puckered in the hip area in this odd way that was unflattering. I like the colors – it’s fun, summery and has a fun retro feel. And there were other people at the store with me who tried it on and looked fantastic in the skirt, it just didn’t totally work for me. The length was below my knees on the regular length skirt. As for the t-shirt, I’m wearing a medium but it runs small. The tee is short and it was a close fit whereas most medium tees are on the loose side on me these days.

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J.Crew New Arrivals – April 2017 Style Guide

Hi! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted but here I am again with some of the latest J.Crew new arrivals. I’ve been a bit busy cleaning out my closet and attempting to donate/sell items that don’t fit me any longer. I never thought I’d be at the point where I was faced with not fitting in to 75% of the things in my closet but…here I am. More on that in another blog post. My local J.Crew had a new arrival event on Saturday trying on clothes was the perfect way to spend a snowy Saturday morning. I also had the pleasure of meeting a few very sweet ladies in the dressing room who follow me on Instagram and read the blog so that was pretty fun too. It’s not the first time I’ve had that happen to me but when it does happen, it’s always a little surreal but also flattering. And I love chatting J.Crew with others who love it as much as I do!

So, enough of my rambling and onward to some try-ons.

First up, the Sheath Dress in Polka Dot Textured Tweed

Shoes: Suede Colette D’Orsay Heels

This was an absolute love. There’s a matching jacket which my store didn’t have and there’s also a pencil skirt in the same style which I also didn’t have the opportunity to try on. I tried both the 10 and the 8 in this dress and probably could have done either – the 10 was a bit loose so this is the 8. It’s perfect on top but it’s just a smidge tight in the skirt area so I’d say if you’re curvy go with your larger size. This is at the top of my wishlist. As soon as those temps get a little bit warmer it will be mine. The material is textured but the dots themselves are a solid fabric. This dress is why I keep coming back to J.Crew!

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