J.Crew Harper Patent Flats

J.Crew released their first round of early fall arrivals last week and for the first time in several rollouts, I was in the “love” camp for a lot of the items. I very rarely place full price orders on the first day of release and I placed a few for this week! Sadly, all of the items I had my eye on were backordered (which I suppose gives me some time to think about them) but the first item to arrive were the Harper Patent Flats in Garnet Flame. These shoes also come in Soft Desert, Caravan Blue and Black.


I am a complete sucker for anything in the garnet color family. Perhaps it’s my January birthday, or my 90’s teenager self (my favorite colors were maroon, hunter green and navy!) It was the color my bridesmaids wore in our wedding and well, I just love it.  And…at a price point lower than the Viv flats, I was sold. I’m not sure if they’re phasing out the Vivs but I guess it’s a possibility since I don’t think I saw any new styles this past rollout. I only have one pair of Vivs and several pair of the Factory counterpart Emery flats. I tried my best to capture the color of these shoes but I found it very difficult to photograph! First up…right out of the box.


J.Crew seems to be going with the new script logo on their shoe boxes and the dust bag…Ilike the change from the block lettering. The biggest difference I see out of the box compared to the Vivs are the square toe box, which after trying them on I believe is a way to make them look slimmer. They are very slim looking out of the box but do not feel tight on my feet. I ordered my almost always J.Crew size of 9.5 in these shoes which is also my Viv and Emery size and they were perfect.

As you can see, there is not a lot of toe cleavage, but there is some.


And here is a side by side with my Viv flats. I didn’t realize that I only own one pair of Vivs…and the metallic ones are clearly very worn. So…you can see an example of how these look after constant wear for a year (I’m admittedly pretty hard on my feet). And you can see that the square toe box actually creates more toe cleavage than the Vivs.

harper viv compareFor me, an understandable concern with shoes as pointy as this is the inevitable bending that happened with my silver Vivs. I’m hoping with the dark color of these shoes that won’t be a concern.

harper sideHere’s a side shot (I’m so bad at getting these photos).  I also wanted to compare the color to my Martina wedges in Cabernet so I compared those as well. Aside from the Martinas being a little dusty (oops) the color of the Harper flats is definitely a bit richer, but they are very, very similar. The Harper flats have more of a polish in my opinion.

harper martina2In my opinion, these are keepers. My Vivs definitely took a bit of breaking in and while these do seem comfortable out of the box, I anticipate that they could be problematic for some people with the more constricted shaped toe box. I personally love the patent leather but I would love to see these (and the Vivs!) in a plain leather. They’re definitely a fall/winter color and most of my cold weather items are packed away but I know these will incorporate well in to my wardrobe for work and will look just as good with a pair of jeans. I also recently purchased the J.Crew Factory Quilted Vest in Red Currant and these are a perfect match!

As an aside, I’m surprised we haven’t seen a full price promotion at J.Crew yet, so while I’m glad I snagged a few things, I’ll definitely be waiting for a promotion before I indulge in anything else for Fall.

So, what do you think? Have you tried the Harper flats? Love? Too pointy? Would love to hear what you think and thanks for visiting!




J.Crew Quorra Ballet Flats – Review

I purchased the J.Crew Quorra Ballet Flats in dark cedar during one of J.Crew’s recent 40% off promotions. They were on promo sale + the 40% and I’ve been eyeing these flats since last season. Admittedly, my first choice was the gold ones but of course these weren’t on sale but I don’t own any camel colored flats and I thought these might be a nice sandal alternative flat in the summer time that are work friendly as well. Here’s the website stock photo:


And here they are in real life…out of the box, they’re a very attractive slim ballet flat. I was a bit concerned that my not so slim feet would look bad in them. We’ll get to that in a minute. I tried my usual 9 1/2 in these and while a little snug at first, I wouldn’t go any larger. That’s pretty much my universal J.Crew size, which is a 1/2 size larger than what I wear in most other brands.


Back of the shoes…this is my favorite part, I love the ties.


As you can see, they’re very flat, not much of a heel. The website description states a “cushioned insole” but I couldn’t feel or see much of a cushion.


Oh, AND they match my Tory Burch Robinson Tote which has not yet seen the outdoors yet due to our lovely winter weather. If we were judging on looks alone, these would be keepers.


So now we come to how they look on. I will say…I think the photos are a bit deceiving in the sunlight but judge for yourselves.


I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what I was expecting but I think I expected my toes to be not quite so transparent through the shoes. BUT THEY HAVE HOLES IN THEM. So yeah, I guess it stands to reason that you can see through them. Maybe if I didn’t have dark polish on my toes I wouldn’t care as much. And I was standing in direct light next to the window.


They look better from the side and I am trying to take these photos solo so it’s a little tough getting the right angle. But as you can see, the shoe is molding to my toes. I’m not sure if a 1/2 size up would fix this or not. I think I’d be slipping out of them. While there isn’t a lot of padding in them they do seem comfortable on, I’m not sure about any long distances but they seem ok for some casual walking around.


And then…when you take them off, you can still see where your toes were!


Not sure why, but look at the shoe on the left. It’s like my toes are still IN THERE. This is bothering me.I think I just need to get over it because that’s how the shoes are.  I’m not 100% on these but it’s probably the rapid snow that’s accumulating outdoors and the fact that they’ll probably sit in their box for another month before I can pull them out. I think they’ll be cute with capris or jeans as well as summer dresses. And finally, here’s one more closeup of the pattern on the shoes:

20140312_115404Full price, I’m not sure they’re worth it. Promo, plus 40% off? I’m a little more inclined to keep them. So what do you think? Love or not so much? Would love to hear what you think and thanks for visiting!


J.Crew Everly Cap Toe Pumps with Patent Bow

I’ve had my eye on these shoes since they rolled out earlier this fall and once they dropped in price + 40% off, I decided they had to be mine. I am a big fan of the Everly pump, and if my budget allowed, I would own many more pairs than I already do! I find them to be very comfortable for pumps and with the exception of the silver metallic ones,  I can definitely go all day at work in these shoes. These shoes scream holiday to me, with the suede and gold combo, but I think I’ll get a lot of wear during the fall/winter out of these.

02909_BK0001Per the website photo, I thought these were going to have a much brighter gold toe. Darn that washed out J.Crew website.


As you can see, the gold is a bit more muted, not a bright gold or what I would necessarily consider to be patent.  I don’t know what gold patent leather looks like but I don’t think this is it. However, they are really pretty and I’m a sucker for some bows on shoes. And cap toes. I could wear them with jeans and I have already worn them several times to work with my Banana Republic Camden fit jacquard ankle pant – they coordinate perfectly.


But the bows, oh the bows. Let’s talk about the bows. I didn’t inspect them too closely when I received them, but I had a bad feeling that the bows were not tightly affixed to these shoes. One would think for a pair of shoes that retails for what these do, that a little more than a dab of glue would be used to put the bows on, but indeed there was not. I think on my second wearing of these shoes, I managed to catch the bow of one shoe with the heel of my other shoe and off came the bow. Awesome. However, I had already fallen in love with these and couldn’t quite bring myself to return them. So a little bit of gorilla glue and they were good as new. I checked the other shoe to see that the other bow would likely suffer the same fate if I didn’t seal it up so I dabbed some glue on those too. Gotta love it. Any more crafting than that required on my part and they would have been returned. Aside from that, they’re lovely shoes and I look forward to wearing them throughout the holiday season and as far in to the spring season as I can get away with!

Here’s a few ways I’ve styled these shoes (both with the Banana Republic pants). As you can see, I’m a bit better at staying current on Instagram these days:

PhotoGrid_1385384841395Pants & Sweater: Banana Republic, Blouse: J.Crew, Bracelets: J.Crew, J.Crew Factory & Groopdealz (bow bracelet)

Necklace: Emerald Bling, Watch:  Michael Kors


 Sweater: J.Crew (last year), Blazer: J.Crew Schoolboy

So what do you think of the shoes (and the outfits?) Would you have kept the shoes or tried to fix them like I did? Would love to hear what you think and thanks for visiting!


J.Crew Martina Suede Wedges

In an effort to build my collection of non-black shoes, I ordered the J.Crew Martina suede wedges in bright pomegranate during a recent 30% off sale promotion. I don’t own any pairs of orange shoes and something about these shoes were attractive to me. I also don’t own a lot of wedges. I think I’ve often found my legs look funny in them and I prefer the look of regular heels, however, the few pairs of wedges I do own I find to be very comfortable.  The website photo to me read more papaya than pomegranate but after seeing the Cece suede flats on Audreybella’s blog here, I knew I was in for some bright orange shoes. That’s ok though, I can do bright.


Well. They arrived last week and straight out of the box it was love at first sight. They fit perfectly, and are oh so comfortable. Granted, I haven’t gone a full day in these yet, but my inner fashion voice tells me that these will be comfortable. I went right to the website to look at how many different colors are currently being offered (many still regular price) and I know there is also a patent version which I think need to be on my list (even if they are black). I had a pair of black patent wedges from Nine West that died a pretty quick death so I will not be revisiting those for a replacement pair.

20130605_161053    20130605_161022

Aren’t they pretty? I have to say I’ve never seen a pomegranate this color, and I think perhaps the color-naming gods at J.Crew must have their fruits confused. These are definitely tangerine. I was hoping for papaya but they’re really just flat out orange. No toe cleavage as you can see. I took my usual 1/2 size up in J.Crew shoes in these (9.5).

20130605_161156    20130605_161136

The online product description lists a 3 inch heel. There’s no platform in the toe area, but regardless, they are incredibly comfortable. The product description also lists a cushioned toe-bed which I can totally buy.

20130605_161457   20130605_161242

No full leg shots since I think I’m probably wearing gym shorts with these but they don’t make my legs look horrible. I also don’t mind the orange with my pale skin. I’m on a bit of a coral/orange kick this season and I will probably be pairing these with the obvious navy, as well as other more adventurous colors like bright pink and purple (my staples). I wish I had more reason to wear them because they are pretty fab shoes. I’m already figuring out what color I need next.  After I plan all the fun outfits I can pull off with these shoes of course…





I’m obviously not wearing the cherry blossom capris and the waterfloral tank together, but I was glad to see I have a few other bright options for the shoes other than basic navy. I will certainly be planning several outfits around these shoes soon, as soon as I make sure they’re safely protected from the elements. So, what do you think? Do you have these shoes? Love them or not so much? Would love to hear what you think and thanks for visiting!


J.Crew Everly Mirror Metallic Pumps

I was lucky enough to find the J.Crew Everly Mirror Metallic Pumps in silver on eBay last week for 60% off their current retail price. They were advertised as worn once which I was ok with since the photos didn’t show any wear except for some scuffing on the bottom. I actually ended up making an offer on the shoes which was accepted, so was fairly pleased with my bargaining skills. I’ve been drooling over them for weeks now, but of course I didn’t start fixating on them until after I’d spent my summer rewards and J.Crew was running cardholder promos.  I went with my usual J.Crew shoe size (9.5) which is a half size up from my usual shoe size. I had seen reports that they were running small but I often find that when I go up an extra half size they’re too big.

20130602_140953     20130602_141314

The shape of them looks weird from the top, maybe because I already stretched them out with my feet. The toe box on these is definitely small, and they’re a little snug on me but I’ll deal with it. The heel height feels the same as my leather Everlys which I find comfortable to walk in. As you can see, due to the small toe box there’s a fair amount of toe cleavage. I’m telling myself I’ll be ok with these but ask me again after I wear them for an entire evening.  The mirror silver is definitely trendy but I plan on rocking them as long as I can.

20130602_141043   20130602_141628

They are definitely an attractive shoe and I can see pairing this with a lot of things in my closet. I don’t know how much they’re going to stretch but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. It’s not worth the hassle of trying to track down a half size larger in these shoes (currently sold out online) only to find out they’d be too big. Which I definitely think they would be.  The silver finish seems substantial so hopefully they will keep and I will have to be very careful with the heels since that always seems to be the first part of my shoes that I destroy.

And here’s a sneak peek of how I plan to style these shoes for an event I have in the near future.


So, what do you think? Do you have these shoes or plan on getting them? Would love to hear what you think and thanks for visiting!


J.Crew Collection Contessa Snakeskin-Bow Pumps

J.Crew Collection Contessa snakeskin-bow pumps


Two weeks ago during one of my morning check-the-J.Crew website for popbacks routine, I spotted these pretties in my size and decided to try them out. Not being final sale, I figured I could take a bit more of a risk on them. I had honestly really admired them in the pink but not at their original price of $278. But with an extra 30% off the sale price and a quick perusal of sets on Polyvore (this is usually what drives me over the edge to purchase) I decided to give the blush stone colorway a try. They arrived, and they’re very beautiful shoes. But the color…oh, will I kill them after one wearing outdoors? I’d say that’s my primary concern at this point, and worrying about whether I have too much toe cleavage. Let’s take a look.
20130514_193902 20130514_193955
I’d say the color is truly a blush stone. For me, they’re fairly close to my skin tone. They advertise a 4″ heel which I believe. I took my usual size 9.5 that I take in J.Crew shoes (1/2 size up from my regular size).
The toe box on these are pretty narrow, which you can see on the pictures. Which of course leads to quite  bit of toe cleavage…as shown here:
Not the most attractive shot of my feet. The toe cleavage looks pretty exaggerated here.
20130514_195459            20130514_195424
The toe cleavage doesn’t look so bad in this shot. I won’t be walking for miles in them, the arch in them is very high.I held them up to my cap-toe Everlys for comparison (3 1/2 inch heel)
So of course, the more I wear them , the more I like them. Then I take them in to my closet to see what they go with…ooh…look at that…they go with a lot of things in my closet. Case in point:
20130514_194252         20130514_194448
And lastly, the pixelated houndstooth skirt which was a total disaster on me. But I do love the colors. And these shoes would be perfect with them. When am I going to learn that J.Crew’s  kick-pleat skirts show me no love?
These shoes are still popping back in the mornings on the website in this color (no pink ones to be found). So…what do you think? Keep them or return them? My closet says yes, I’m still undetermined. As I said earlier, I’m worried about them getting destroyed immediately. And if I keep them, how do I keep them lasting longer and protect the suede? Comments please!