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  • The Fab Life & J.Crew Spring Shopping Event!

    I’m excited to announce that THIS IS HAPPENING AGAIN: I know we’re still buried under snow but there’s always room in the closet for spring clothes. At this time of year, I’m just about done with my winter clothes and while I know I still have another month or two to be wearing sweaters – […]

  • Holiday Ready featuring the Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls, USA

    Hi! The clock is ticking down to the final stretch of holiday prep. As is the case every year, the weekends fill up quickly with holiday parties and while I often think I have a lot of time to get ready (and find things to wear), somehow I’m left the week of the holiday rushing […]

  • The Fab Life & J.Crew Holiday Shopping Event!

    Hi! I am excited to announce that THIS IS HAPPENING: Imagine my surprise when I was shopping in my local J.Crew store in Buffalo, NY a few weeks ago and I was approached by one of the Sales Associates who told me that she followed me on Instagram and asked if I was interested in hosting a shopping party at […]