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  • Black and White

    Maybe it’s all of the snow outside, maybe it’s just the simplicity – black and white has been a weekly staple for me this last month. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some brights. But as I’ve said before, neutrals are always a comforting change and lately I’ve been gravitating towards the bold but […]

  • Buttoned Up – Fab Style

    Fall is officially here…I didn’t need a calendar to start dictating my wardrobe as it’s been cool here for a few weeks, but now there’s no stopping the sweaters and tights and boots and all of the fun fashion associated with fall. Blame my Catholic school upbringing, but I associate my J.Crew plaid cafe capris […]

  • When in Doubt…

    Dress up! I’ve always been one of those girls where I do much better dressing up than dressing down. Perhaps it was spending 12 years in Catholic school in a skirt and dress shoes, or perhaps it’s just me.  I had one of those nights Friday night where my closet looked like it threw up […]

  • To Belt or not to Belt

    Ever since I paired my new J.Crew Martina Suede Wedges with a purple blouse in last week’s review, I’ve been wanting to wear this combination. Originally I thought I would pair my royal purple Factory Blythe blouse with my blue/orange J.Crew Factory paisley pencil skirt; but after further thought I kind of wanted to break up the colors […]

  • More Stripes for Saturday

    While continuing to lament the demise of the Crewlet Striped linen-cotton sundress, I re-discovered this skirt in my closet on Saturday. I purchased it several months ago in an attempt to replace the derby dress hole in my closet. The navy and red stripes were similar to the dress and while not as easy as […]