J.Crew Collection Contessa Snakeskin-Bow Pumps

J.Crew Collection Contessa snakeskin-bow pumps


Two weeks ago during one of my morning check-the-J.Crew website for popbacks routine, I spotted these pretties in my size and decided to try them out. Not being final sale, I figured I could take a bit more of a risk on them. I had honestly really admired them in the pink but not at their original price of $278. But with an extra 30% off the sale price and a quick perusal of sets on Polyvore (this is usually what drives me over the edge to purchase) I decided to give the blush stone colorway a try. They arrived, and they’re very beautiful shoes. But the color…oh, will I kill them after one wearing outdoors? I’d say that’s my primary concern at this point, and worrying about whether I have too much toe cleavage. Let’s take a look.
20130514_193902 20130514_193955
I’d say the color is truly a blush stone. For me, they’re fairly close to my skin tone. They advertise a 4″ heel which I believe. I took my usual size 9.5 that I take in J.Crew shoes (1/2 size up from my regular size).
The toe box on these are pretty narrow, which you can see on the pictures. Which of course leads to quite  bit of toe cleavage…as shown here:
Not the most attractive shot of my feet. The toe cleavage looks pretty exaggerated here.
20130514_195459            20130514_195424
The toe cleavage doesn’t look so bad in this shot. I won’t be walking for miles in them, the arch in them is very high.I held them up to my cap-toe Everlys for comparison (3 1/2 inch heel)
So of course, the more I wear them , the more I like them. Then I take them in to my closet to see what they go with…ooh…look at that…they go with a lot of things in my closet. Case in point:
20130514_194252         20130514_194448
And lastly, the pixelated houndstooth skirt which was a total disaster on me. But I do love the colors. And these shoes would be perfect with them. When am I going to learn that J.Crew’s  kick-pleat skirts show me no love?
These shoes are still popping back in the mornings on the website in this color (no pink ones to be found). So…what do you think? Keep them or return them? My closet says yes, I’m still undetermined. As I said earlier, I’m worried about them getting destroyed immediately. And if I keep them, how do I keep them lasting longer and protect the suede? Comments please!