Neon Saturday

It’s no secret that neon colors are in this summer.  I personally cannot seem to get enough. I think the fashion gods were on to something when they decided to appeal to all of us who grew up in the 80s and still have a secret affinity for highlighter colors. I’ve always loved hot pink but neon yellow seems to be a close second this summer. I know this is one of those trends that will probably be in and out after a summer, but I’ll take my pop of bright colors when I can get them. The J.Crew Mila Cap Toe Leather Ballet Flats have become a fast favorite of mine, and I find myself pairing them with basics to give that necessary pop of color. Today I decided to go all out and do the neon shoes and a my J.Crew Vintage cotton v-neck tee in neon yellow for my Saturday errands. I love J.Crew’s vintage cotton tees, but I do find the lighter colors to be somewhat sheer and the v-necks give me a little more cleavage than I want sometimes so I usually pair them with a Gap Favorite Cami.  The maxi skirt is from last summer and is probably one of the most comfortable items of clothing I own.  I’ve seen a similar one at the store this season but haven’t noticed anything online yet. The Mila flats are edged in navy and the skirt is black, but you really can’t tell with a long skirt and I would be impressed if anyone actually noticed.

20130518_125340       20130518_125719

And because I can’t go anywhere without a light jacket or cardigan even in the dead heat of summer, I tossed my new Gap Destructed Denim Jacket on to complete the full on 80s inspired look.  I wasn’t sure how much use I would get out of this jacket since I have my ten-year old basic blue J.Crew jacket that I still wear faithfully every year but it’s nice to have a different option. I didn’t end up actually wearing it as it was in the mid-70s and sunny today and there really was no need for a jacket. But I was prepared, just in case. I can’t stand being cold, so I must have a backup of some sort with me at all times. It’s a nice sunny casual look and I will keep the same outfit on to head out with DH in search of a casual spot with a patio for drinks and dinner this evening. I hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend! So, what do you think? Too bright or just right? Feel free to comment and thanks for visiting!


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