Establishing a Pattern

The thing about cataloging your daily wardrobe is you start to see patterns in your wardrobe, such as color, prints, clothing combos or styling. This may seem like an obvious thing, since you make a conscious decision to choose what to wear daily; but there’s something about laying out the day by day and saying – oops, I wore stripes three days in a row this week. Like this week. Case in point:

20130522_082142    20130524_081425(0)

While I don’t necessarily think a pattern is bad, I think one of my styling goals in striving to be more fab is that I’m going to try and mix it up over the course of a week. Yikes. Putting that in writing makes me nervous. Well I’m going to try. When it comes to patterns, stripes and polka dots seem to be my thing. I have a few florals and paisleys but that’s definitely an area I need to expand on. On Thursday, I wore stripes and polka dots (and leopard print). Why wear one pattern when you could wear three? (yeah, I really need to work on my photo stance, I’m channeling my five-year old fab self kicking the hip out a bit much).

20130523_082345    20130523_082444

I had to include my fabulous arm party from Thursday, which I was quite proud of.  It was my first time wearing my new Kate Spade idiom bangle which I bought during the Surprise sale.  I also can’t believe I waited so long to purchase the J.Crew Wildside bangle.

Speaking of patterns, I am loving the blouse/pants/flats combo lately. Maybe because all of my pencil skirts are at the tailor being lengthened. Ok, so that’s another pattern I need to try and break – different combinations of outfits over the course of a week.

Ok, well I should be packing for Boston instead of blogging, so time to wrap up this brief post. How about you…do you have any constant patterns in your wardrobe? Style, colors, prints? Would love to hear your thoughts and thanks for visiting!


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