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Yikes! It’s been over a week since I’ve blogged…between the holiday, catching up with friends and family and having some time off of work, it was sort of nice to be away from the Internet for a while. I definitely got out of my daily work/blog routine while being off so this is something I want to work on in the future – trying to at least capture my daily outfits while I’m running around doing non-work things! Lucky for me, when I got up wayyy too late this morning after a week off from work, I had a previously-planned outfit sitting in my closet so that’s what I went for this morning.


I will amend that statement, I actually originally had a short-sleeve sweater chosen but I recently received my backordered J.Crew Factory Teagan ruffle popover in vintage berry and felt it was a wiser choice on this humid humid morning. My J.Crew inspired fan fringe necklace (via Groopdealz) has already inspired several outfits…this being one of them! And of course, any reason to wear my J.Crew Martina suede wedges…count me in.  So yeah, I”m just getting back in to the swing of things, but I’m glad to get back in to my routine…which now includes blogging! I’m happy to be back and catching up with everyone in the blogosphere. So, leave a comment! Would love to hear what you think and thanks for visiting!


4 thoughts on “Back to Reality

    1. Thank you!! It’s funny…sometimes I put things together on PV and don’t love them IRL…and then I get so excited about an outfit IRL and I’m not as thrilled with it in PV. But thank you and thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂

  1. Love the outfit too and esp. your fanprint neclace!

    I received my bracelet from groopdealz,but it is still at my US adress and my husband will bring it back next week.
    It looked nice on the pic he sent me and i cant wait to get it.

    1. Thanks Ina! I was just thinking about you today and wondering if you received your bracelet. My color crush necklace finally arrived and I’m loving it. Can’t wait to see how you style your bracelet!

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