Nobody’s Perfect…

Including me! I had this thought as I was lamenting my lack of posting lately and how when I get home at night in these subzero temps that all I want to do is curl under a blanket. Or I go to the gym (finally, yay!) Excuses, excuses I know. I wore this Hugo Guinness for J.Crew t-shirt the other day and inspired by a few Instagram friends, I devised an outfit to call my own (still on the black and white trend!)A2747_KP2490_m


Hugo Guinness for J.Crew “Nobody’s Perfect” Tee

This t-shirt is very thin (not sure why this is the current trend) but I was sucked in to its whimsy and after a few years of swearing off the graphic tee trend…I’m right back there (good thing, because I think I have a good 30+ graphic tees stacked in my closet). It was another cold day so I layered it up and went for some pattern mixing (what else is new?) I’ll admit, I wasn’t totally sure about the jacket so I took some photos both ways with and without the jacket. The white tee on the white jacket were a lot, so I added the extra cashmere cardigan layer in between to create the black layer between the whites. I was a tad bulky but not too much since the button down is pretty lightweight and the t-shirt is very lightweight.

PhotoGrid_1394029226193 I’m all J.Crew except for the blazer (Target). Both necklaces are currently sold out but you can get a good substitute of the shorter necklace at Purple Peridot

And with the blazer…

IMG_20140305_093210Now that I’m looking at the photos again, I am glad I went with the blazer – but sans blazer was a nice toned-down alternative. So you, see? Black and white doesn’t have to be boring! So what do you think? Too much pattern? Or done just right? Would love to hear what you think and thanks for visiting!


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