J.Crew New Arrivals – December 2017 Style Guide

Hello! Somehow it is already time for holiday season rollouts. I have a bit of a weakness for these rollouts – sequins, sparkles, velvet, plaid, I want it all. And there’s never enough time to wear it all. Which is what I am trying to keep in mind this year as I decide what to add in to the holiday rotation. This year’s holiday style guide was smaller than in year’s past and the new strategy at J.Crew seems to be doing smaller rollouts every few weeks. I was admittedly a little underwhelmed with the first rollout but stopped in to check it out in person and was pleased to see that a lot of the plaid will be coming in the next few weeks.

First up, the Lady Jacket in Sequin Tweed which I am wearing with the Perfect Shirt with Velvet Bows and Easy Pant in Velvet.

I loved all of these pieces. The velvet pants were a surprise love. I’m wearing a 6 which is a size down from my usual pant size and I still felt like I had a bit of breathing room. I’m wearing a 6 in both the jacket and the button down so they are true to size. The button down is a redo of last year’s Thomas Mason version. It reads a little waitstaff-ish on it’s own, but I think styled right, it’s a great holiday top. It is on the thinner side but that wasn’t a deal breaker for me (you can see my black bra under it in the next photo). I didn’t try the Thomas Mason version last year so I can’t compare the two. I did really like the jacket but know it would probably not get worn enough with the more voluminous sleeves, but I’ll consider it on sale. The only thing that bothered me was the lining was navy and orange which just didn’t match the look of the jacket. Not that you can see the lining but…black and red or grey would have made more sense. I have the Easy pants in matte crepe (both the Factory and the retail version) and while I wear an 8 in those, I thought the 6 was a good fit in these. I did take these home.

Next up, the Easy Pant in Lace which I’m also wearing with the Perfect Shirt with Velvet Bows.

Shoes: Lucie Suede Pumps

I am wearing a size 6 in these as well and they just fit. I could probably go up to an 8 for a slightly more relaxed fit, but I didn’t try the larger size. I had a version of these from a few years ago in the tall length and I would try the tall again for a little more length. These didn’t feel short but when I’d be looking to wear them in the middle of winter they didn’t feel short. I am still considering replacing my old ones that don’t fit anymore since I would definitely wear them post holiday.

Next up, the Drapey Wrap Top.

This caught my eye in the website rollout and I ordered it immediately in the alpine green. It also comes in navy, ivory and orange petal (read: peach). The green is a nice holiday green – I would have liked it to be a tad darker but I don’t mind the color. It is polyester but at least priced as such and was a good price with the new arrival promotion. I ordered a 6 in this and it just fits so it’s on the small side. The wrap is faux in front and stitched shut so there’s no cleavage issues which I appreciated. I don’t mind the bracelet sleeves and if you have a longer torso you’ll want to opt for the tall size. I was ok with the length but it could have been a smidge longer. I tried this at home with the Wide Leg Pleated Pant in Matte Crepe which I also really liked (will try to post a photo in the next review post!)

Next up, the Long-Sleeve Sheath Dress with Tulle.

I’m wearing a small in this dress. With being a larger size on bottom, these dresses can be hit or miss when they run S/M/L. I could get away with a small but I’d probably go with a medium. This was really cute and I love a good ponte dress, but I knew the tulle sleeves would be a bit much for regular wear. Which is why I was glad they made a plain version of this, which is up next.

Now for the Long-Sleeve Sheath Dress.

This also comes in academic green (which is a darker teal color) and bright plum, both of which I really like too! My store only had the black though. I’m wearing the medium in this which felt better to me than the small. The only thing I wish this had was a waist seam as I probably will end up adding a belt with it. This does come in tall and petite but I felt the regular length was perfect.

Next up, the Lace Top with Built-In Cami.

This is the burnished moss color which I’m wearing in a size 4. There was no 6 to compare. This just fit but I may try the 6 for a little better fit through the shoulders, especially with the built in cami which can be tricky to maneuver. The daisy lace top from over the summer has a similar cami and I find myself getting tangled in it. This also comes in navy (with a navy cami) and black (with an ivory cami). The green is not really my color but I tried it to try something other than a black top but I think if I did decide on this, I’d go for black. I’m a sucker for lace and I appreciate that this is long sleeved (even though long lace sleeves don’t hold that much function).

Next up, the Lace Ruffle-Neck Top.

I’m wearing this in the bright cerise color and it also comes in faded teak (beige) and black. This runs S/M/L and I’m wearing the small which is the right size. I’m sort of over this ruffle neck thing that they’ve been adding to every blouse and while cute, it wasn’t a must have for me. The button at the neck was difficult to button as well so I just let it be.

Next up, the Tiered Ruffle Top with Scalloped Lace Trim.

I’m wearing a size 4 in this top which was ok, although I felt the sleeves were a tad short. I think they’re supposed to be bracelet length but with the decoration on the sleeve they seemed to feel short. This comes in ivory and navy. I might try the tall to get the full length sleeve. Aside from the fact that I’m not wearing the right bra with this, it was a pretty top. But, ruffle overload and I’m going to sit this one out for now. I’m always looking for white/ivory tops to add to my closet so I’ll keep this one in mind if it goes on a good enough sale.

Next up, the Marled Wool Turtleneck Sweater and the Vintage Straight Jean in Coastline Wash.

I tried these on at the end of my try-on session and I think I was tired because I felt they were just ok. I think the black shoes that don’t quite coordinate were throwing me off as well. I’m wearing a small in the sweater and a 28 in the jeans which is a size down from my usual size and seems to be my right size in the vintage straight jeans. The sweater was cozy and the colors are pretty but probably not something I would wear a lot. It wasn’t too cropped and felt like I had some extra room in the small but not enough to size down.

Last up, the Velvet Ruffle-Hem Dress.

I’m wearing a 6 in this which just fit. This was not a favorite – I thought the blue velvet was pretty but the silhouette is not one that flatters my body type. The ruffle hits right at the widest point of my thighs and isn’t flattering in my opinion. If you have a straighter figure this would probably be really cute and it would be easy to layer as well. I’m sure my pale legs weren’t helping my opinion of the dress. But, it wasn’t for me. If the skirt had been a different style, it may have been a different story.

So, there’s the latest recap of the first J.Crew holiday 2017 rollout. Do you have any favorites? Anything you’re not loving? Would love to hear what you think and thanks for stopping by!

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