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  • Outfit of the Day – May 15, 2013

    What’s this…a self-photo?? Ok, so the mirror is more dusty than I realized since it’s in the spare room (getting right on that), but I think it isn’t too bad. I’m not sure why it’s so fuzzy either. Oh well, I’m still figuring all of this out! I think I’m naming this one of my […]

  • Kate Spade Surprise Sale

    This popped up in my Facebook feed last night so of course I couldn’t resist peeking. I adore Kate Spade but I usually am confined to sale or eBay when it comes to purchasing. But that’s ok because once you’re on the mailing list,  you get lovely gems such as this one emailed to you. […]

  • J.Crew Collection Contessa Snakeskin-Bow Pumps

      J.Crew Collection Contessa snakeskin-bow pumps Two weeks ago during one of my morning check-the-J.Crew website for popbacks routine, I spotted these pretties in my size and decided to try them out. Not being final sale, I figured I could take a bit more of a risk on them. I had honestly really admired them […]

  • Daily Outfits – Week of May 6, 2013

    So I have to break the ice somehow in to posting my daily fashion and while it isn’t quite where I want it yet…I have to start somewhere. I’m still searching for the lost art of self-photo taking and until I get it just right (more on that later), I’ll settle for sharing my nicely […]

  • Getting Over Stage Fright

    So here I am. Finally. I’ve been talking about starting a blog for about a year now, and I’m finally taking the plunge. So what took me so long? It hit me today while I was walking to get lunch – good old fashioned stage fright. I’m the last person to raise my hand to […]

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