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This popped up in my Facebook feed last night so of course I couldn’t resist peeking. I adore Kate Spade but I usually am confined to sale or eBay when it comes to purchasing. But that’s ok because once you’re on the mailing list,  you get lovely gems such as this one emailed to you. Ok, so I just bought a new spring/summer Kate Spade bag a few months ago…I really don’t need a new bag.

But… there soooo many pretties on sale this go around (way more than usual in my opinion). Link to sale here, good through the end of May 15. Stock seems to be going fast, a few of the things I had my eye on last night are already gone. I did end up buying this bracelet for $25.


Adorable, right? I wear a ton of black and white and I think this will be a great compliment to my daily arm party 🙂

Speaking of which…I love this bracelet too…


If you enter your e-mail you get free shipping. I’m still considering a bag but based on other expenses coming up in the following months I’m not sure it’s wise. But I’m thinking about it. Why do they have to have so many great things in one sale? Usually there’s one or two great finds…but this go around…I want one of everything.

Here are a few more of my favorites

WKRU1981_056 WKRU1821_112 PXRU3073_471 PXRU3677_664 WKRU1939_679 PXRU3967_437


The navy bag is already sold out which I’ll take as a sign that I don’t need it. If anything wins, it will be the striped bucket bag which I think would be great for an upcoming vacation, but I’m concerned that there’s no zipper, which might be a big negative. The magenta bow bag…adorable but I think if I’m going to spend money on a bag I’d rather have it be a larger bag. Decisions, decisions.

What about you? Will you be taking advantage of the sale? Comments please!



3 thoughts on “Kate Spade Surprise Sale

  1. That magazine tote — the one w/the pink handles and bottom — I *so* don’t need it and keep clicking out of the site. It’s really cute!

    1. I finally had to close out of the site last night…I was thinking about the stripe tote AND the Nadine bag in hot pink now. We’ll see how I feel today!

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