J.Crew French Knot Tippi & Jeweled Shoulder Sweater

Here are a few of my latest Fall 2013 purchases from J.Crew!

Merino Tippi in French knot

After missing out on the Swiss dot tippi last year and not loving it’s Factory counterpart this year, I decided to try the French knot Tippi. Of course I waited too long to order and ended up a size up from my usual Tippi size and had to wait for the backorder. This sweater appears to be sold out online but I did see the navy colorway in my B&M the other day.



Turns out that the large actually worked ok for me and I’ll be able to layer a heavier button down underneath like a chambray shirt. The sweater is 100% merino but feels heavier than my other Tippis and a little cozier. I think it will look great layered under a blazer with a pencil skirt or with jeans. I can definitely see this becoming a fall staple. I’m wearing the Banana Repubic Sloan pants in houndstooth from this fall.

Jeweled-Shoulder Sweater


I actually like this sweater a lot better than it photographs. I think this sweater will look best paired with a skirt for me, but I still haven’t pulled out my fall/winter skirts so jeans it is. Seeing this picture, I’m definitely whatever about it with jeans. This sweater has an odd fit in my opinion as well. I ordered the medium (which I’m wearing in the pictures and while the body of the sweater fits fine I believe the description says “relaxed.” On someone my size, relaxed can often mean “makes me look dumpy.” In this case, I don’t mind the fit of the body but the sleeves are more bracelet length in this size. I did try on a large at my B&M and the body was too relaxed for me, but the sleeves were fine. I’ll probably layer this (of course I cut the tags off of it so as I’m writing this up I’m thinking, hm, sounds like I’m not sold…go figure). I tried a silk Blythe under it and it looked nice.




Here’s a slightly blurry closeup of the jewels on the sleeve. I don’t think they’re too obtrusive or add any extra bulk to the shoulders. I found the sweater to be soft, not really cozy but the added cashmere makes it a bit softer than the 100% merino sweaters. Since I do rock a pretty good arm party on a daily basis, the bracelet sleeves will work for me. I need to try it with darker jeans and maybe heels. This was a rushed try-on session so I haven’t spent as much time as I needed to trying to work it in to my wardrobe. Plus, I REALLY need to pack away all of my summer stuff and unleash the fall/winter gear. Hopefully this weekend. So, what do you think? Do you have or have you tried on either of these sweaters? Would love to hear what you think and thanks for visiting!


2 thoughts on “J.Crew French Knot Tippi & Jeweled Shoulder Sweater

  1. I think that the French Knot Tippi looks great on you!!! I have resisted as I own too many tippi’s, lol. But if it’s around later on sale, I will def. pick it up. I think the Large will be fine for me as well. Thanks so much for your review and photos! I love the second sweater on you as well! I think it is an adorable sweater, although it is similar to many other jeweled sweaters and blouses and sweatshirts I bought recently. I have a difficult time resisting jewels in any form, lol. I think it def. looks better on, however, and now that you have shown us, I’ll be watching for this later as well! Thanks so much!

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