J.Crew New Arrivals – August 2017 Mini Rollout

Hi all! I stopped by the store the other night to make a return and visit my favorite (friend and) SA and didn’t intend to try anything on. That lasted about five minutes as I wandered around the store and decided I had to at least try on a few of the re-released “vintage” J.Crew items among one or two other items that caught my eye. I wasn’t dying to get my hands on a rollneck sweater or a rugby shirt, but I am not going to lie, I’m still thinking about that rugby shirt. So, here’s a quick post with a few try-ons from the latest “mini” rollout at J.Crew, visiting several dates from years past (but come on…how about some 2006/2007 blazer re-releases…please??)

First up, the 1984 Rugby Shirt in Stripe.

Jeans: Lookout High-Rise Jeans in White

I wore my share of rugby shirts in the early 1990’s. I’m wearing a size small and it still had a little room – if I wanted to go true 90’s style I’d size up to a medium. I was surprised at how much I liked this. It comes in three color ways, two of which are almost sold out. The navy and white is still in stock but the pink/navy and olive/champagne are almost gone. I didn’t buy it because even though I do like it, it’s more casual than I tend to go on the weekends and I’m not sure I would reach for it enough. But I can see why it’s popular. My store only had the white/navy but it seems like the pink/navy combination is pretty popular. If you’re looking to revisit an old classic, this is a good way to do it. Out of all of the re-released items, this one was my favorite.

Next up, the 2003 Washed Silk Tank.

This also comes in navy and an olive color. I took my regular size 6 in this but I wasn’t overly impressed with the fit on it. Maybe it was the bra I was wearing but my chest looked funny and the pink was just ok on me. As another reviewer noted on the JCA blog, there is a noticeable lack of any bust darts which may be part of why I felt the fit was off.

Next up, the 1988 Rollneck Sweater.

This sweater has generated a lot of buzz online and personally, it’s not a must have for me. It comes in navy, sweet jasmine and pale saffron as well as a white/navy stripe version and a cashmere version. I grabbed a size small since they were hanging on a rack in the dressing room. I think if I were going to wear this sweater I’d size up to a medium for a more relaxed fit. It’s cotton and nylon which is sort of sad because I think if they were going to do it like the original, it should be all cotton or all wool. It wasn’t scratchy and the knit is nice and thick. I’m wearing the sweater with the 9″ Cargo Toothpick Pants in Vintage Surplus. I’m wearing a 29 in these which were a little big in the waist but I would need them for the legs so I wouldn’t go down another size. I liked these a lot, they also come in a lighter grey and darker grey. I have the navy version of these in the zip leg and they’re a great alternative to jeans on the weekends. I often have trouble pairing with the olive green but I am definitely still thinking about these.

That’s it for the blast from the past items. Onward, to a few others, and a few from the last big rollout that I didn’t get around to reviewing on the first go. Next up, the Daisy Lace Bell Sleeve Top.

I tried this in both white and black. I liked the white a lot but would have liked it a lot more at the beginning of the summer. The top is cropped, and there is a tall version of it as well, but I do wonder if the sleeves would be too long if I tried a tall for extra length. That being said, I’ve been a big fan of this style and there are several items to choose from in this pattern and I do not yet own one of them. I tried the dress over the summer but knew I wouldn’t get much wear out of it so I skipped it. There are pants, a peplum top and a bell sleeve dress. I think we’re good. The top comes with a removable cami which is pretty skimpy. I sized down to a 4 in this which was fine once I wrestled with the cami to get it on. I ended up purchasing the black one but I’ll wear a black cami underneath it. I’m still debating if I’ll keep it – if I make it with the return window with the tags still on, back it will go. I think I will be ok with it with high waisted jeans or a pencil skirt. I also really love the Beaded Garden earrings it’s shown with on the website so as I’m typing this and looking at the model with the earrings I’m feeling good about my purchase for now.

Next up, the Camo T-Shirt.

I’m wearing a size small which was a good fit for me. Personally, this wasn’t a hit for me. I didn’t like the warmer tone of the camo and it felt cheaper than other t-shirts, I think mostly because of the screen print of the camo. There is some gold glitter in the print which isn’t too overwhelming and not readily noticeable. It was a good length on me too, not too short.

Next up, the Faux Fur Vest.

Not going to lie, I kind of like this. But I wish it came in black because I don’t see myself wearing the current colors offered enough. In addition to burgundy, it’s currently offered in navy and a mauve-y pink called Glass petal. I’m wearing a size small which was a good fit even if I had a heavier top on.

And quickly, a few more items from the last big rollout. First up, the Dover Blazer.

This wasn’t immediately on my radar but as I’m gearing up for fall and deciding what I am looking to replenish in my wardrobe, a navy blazer is definitely on the list. I’m wearing a 6 in this photo which I decided after I got home was too big and I’ll be replacing it with a 4. Double breasted blazers can appear a bit busy but this is a subtle double breasted style. The blazer also comes in Belgian Chocolate and Deep Blossom. I really like the pink one too but I think I’ll wear the navy one more. The wool on this is a nice weight and it drapes well. It also has a fun red/white/navy striped lining which is always a fun touch. I had been tempted to replace my navy blazer with another schoolboy blazer via eBay but I think this will work well in my closet.

Lastly, the Rose Gold Sequin Skirt.

I do not need another sequin skirt. I do not need another sequin skirt. But this is SO fun. But…I have a silver one that has yet to be worn and I don’t need another one. I’m wearing a size 6 which is the smaller of my two skirt sizes and that was a good fit so it definitely runs a bit big. The length is below the knees. If I had somewhere to wear this, I’d be all over it.

That’s it for now. Are you picking up any of the “throwback items” or are they a pass for you? Would love to hear what you think and thanks for stopping by!



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