In the Pink

When I plan my outfits for the week, I try and diversify color, pattern, skirts vs. pants, but sometimes, even with an outfit plan for the week, I inevitably steer back to my favorites – and this week that favorite was the color pink. I love pink, all shades of it, but my sweet spot is definitely the bright/fuschia tone of pink. Reviewing my photos for this week, I wore my fair share of pink.

Day 1 – Monday 12/2

20131202_081954My original plan was to wear a hot pink crewneck with the shirt layered underneath but I feel like that’s been my standby lately, so out came the blazer and somehow it all worked. I planned the outfit around the necklace, and was pleased with the outcome. I’m trying to style these pants with colors other than black or ivory!! Here’s a closeup of the necklace and shirt/blazer:

20131202_081739 Pants: Banana Republic, Blazer (old) & Shirt: J.Crew Factory, Necklace: Brina Box

Day 2 – Wednesday 12/4 evening

This was a slight recycle of my outfit from the previous Sunday but it was a quick and easy toss together to head out to an evening party – I’ll be honest, I don’t do much in the way of social events during the week, so my outfits during the week are mostly work related, and if I end up going out I swap out jeans and that’s about as crazy as I get…but I was loving this outfit so I swapped in a few leopard accessories and my J.Crew Excursion vest from last year and off we went.

PhotoGrid_1386200045250Sweater/Vest: J.Crew, Shirt: J.Crew Factory, Bracelets: J.Crew & J.Crew Factory

Day 3 – Friday 12/6

I had my holiday lunch for work this day and after a few tries of “holiday” type outfits, I ended up with pink and silver – shocker. I finally scored these Banana Republic pants on popback, and while they’re more silver than I expected, they are a solid addition to my holiday wardrobe. Now I just have to work on more red items, since that’s where I seem to be lacking. I’ve got a whole lot of bling going on here…while the Tilda blouse has become a regular favorite of mine, I am sort of wishing I had a non bejeweled version. I love that it’s sleeveless so it doesn’t create a lot of extra bulk underneath the Tippi sweater and while I can always appreciate bling, sometimes I’m ok with one necklace.

PhotoGrid_1386347739239Sweater/Blouse/Necklace/Shoes:  J.Crew, Pants: Banana Republic

Day 4: Saturday 12/7

Onward to the weekend…the usual errands and Christmas tree day! The temps are back down in the 20s, so once again, even though I thought flats were a nice thought, they weren’t practical. So the first photo is the “if it weren’t 20 degrees out, I’d rock this look” and the second look is pre-necklace and with more weather appropriate footwear 🙂 I am loving this button down – it’s the strawberry plaid boy shirt from J.Crew and I grabbed it on my Black Friday online shopping. It is much prettier than the website even depicted. And it will go well with my abundance of pink sweaters!

PhotoGrid_1386442134709Sweater/Shirt/Flats: J.Crew, Jeans: Gap. Necklace:  Brina Box

20131207_144240So there you have it, my week of pink outfits. What do you think? Too much pink in a week? Any favorites? Would love to hear what you think and thanks for visiting!




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  1. Dauchka22 Avatar

    Love all your pink, my favorite color! Right now, Im eyeing the faire Isle sweater and the skier sweater, waiting for a big sale, hopefully I wont miss out on them.:)

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