A Few of my Favorite Spring things

Hi! I know, it’s been forever since I’ve posted…life has just been busy!! We’ve also been in this not quite spring period that’s pretty standard in my area where it’s cold cold cold and then we skip spring right in to summer like temperatures. So, I feel like I’ve been in this odd transitional phase of still wearing winter and fall like clothing and just waiting for spring to arrive! Well, last weekend the temperatures finally turned and I packed all of the winter stuff away in hopes of warmer weather!

I already have a few favorite spring things that I’ve been wearing as the weather permits and I’ve found an unlikely favorite spring jacket…one of those things I love on everyone but just not me (until now!)

So, here goes…a few of my favorite things for spring!

1. J.Crew Patio Skirt in Photo Floral

For a girl with hips…this skirt is a welcome change from a pencil skirt (don’t get me wrong, I love my pencil skirts) but sometimes I enjoy some breathing room! I wore this skirt on Easter and another day to work, I’m looking forward to wearing it more this spring and summer!


2. J.Crew Downtown Field Jacket & 3. Gap Printed Pointy Flats



4. Ray Ban mirror aviator sunglasses


This post took WAY too long to put together…my wordpress updated and I’m having the worst time formatting photos!!! Hopefully now that I’ve sort of figured that out I can get back on a regular posting schedule. I”m still posting regularly on Instagram – you can find me there too!

So what are your current favorite spring things? I hope everyone is enjoying their spring and having a great long weekend!


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