J.Crew Summer Try-Ons

I stopped by a store yesterday with a pile of online returns…I seem to be batting zero lately in the J.Crew skirt/dress department. I took advantage of a quiet store to do some try-ons – here are a few of the highlights.

I seemed to have dresses and skirts on the brain as I’m not much of a shorts person and my summer jeans collection is pretty much where it needs to be (mint and white jeans – check!) Summer is so short where I am, I try to be prudent about what I’m purchasing for summer since I’m mostly in work clothes and there’s only so many summer weekends!

First up...Cotton Pique Lace Dress ($119.99+40% off – final sale in stores / $109.99 +30% off online). This dress comes in white and light citron. I already have a yellow summer dress and I really wasn’t even sure I wanted a white dress until I tried it on and very much liked the fit on me. I took my regular size 12 in this dress. Enough room for my D-cup chest (yay!) and ample room for my hips. The dress hits above my knee but not enough that it would be indecent if I tried to style it for work. There’s at least 1.5 inches of fabric to be let down out of the hem and I think I will probably have it let down. I’ve always steered clear of white dresses due to my complexion and my general messiness/klutzy nature but…I really liked the style of this one. It is 100% cotton and lined in cotton which is great for summer.


Then I added the Puff Sleeve Blazer in Seersucker ($99.99 + 40% off in store / $139.99 + 50% off online- both final sale) and I was sold. Nude heels and a belt and I’m work ready! I took my Schoolboy size 10 in this blazer. I probably can’t button it without looking like I’m going to pop out of it, but I generally don’t button my blazers so I was fine with the fit. This is my first puff sleeve blazer try and I think it’s a smidge more fitted than the schoolboy but not enough for me to size up.


Next up…just for fun the Lace Shift Dress. I have had a lace dress on my radar, but have really wanted a navy one. This style comes in California Poppy, Neon Citrus and Reef Blue. I love the neon but I’m not sure how many seasons I’ll get out of it so I tried the California Poppy one on. This dress is still full price in stores and the neon citrus is on promo for $138 + 30% off online. The color is pretty but I’m not much of an orange person so it’s not for me. I liked the silhouette, I could stand for a eensy bit more room in my hip area and I’d take about another inch on the length. With flats it’s ok but I think with heels this dress would be great. Update : I ordered the Collection lace shift dress in navy this morning, it says it’s about two inches longer (and has cap sleeves) so I will share that when I get it!


Last up, the Stripe Back-Zip Dress. This dress comes in navy stripe and bohemian red. My store only had navy. I do not need another item with stripes. I repeat, I do not need another item with stripes. But…I tried it on anyway. It looked large on the hanger and they only had a 10, so that’s what I tried on. This dress is still full price ($128) in stores. Sizing down was the right call and even with hips and a chest I still had a little extra room. I think a belt would help the waistline but I liked the length and even though still knit, was on the lighter side. I’d consider it on sale but not full price. I’m a bit confused by the need to run a seam down the center of the chest area, I don’t think it adds anything to the dress and I think the top could lay better if it were one full piece on top.


I unfortunately get a little lazy halfway through my try-ons so I didn’t take photos of the colorblock stripe skirt (love!) which I had to size up in but ordered and the Eyelet shirt dress in neon kiwi which I found to be TTS but shorter than my liking a little sheer in the neon kiwi. I’m holding out to snag a tall version online in navy.

Ok, well that’s it from the dressing room for now. What do you think? Have you tried these items? Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!


2 thoughts on “J.Crew Summer Try-Ons

  1. I LOVE the white dress, and the shorts version, but hate that it has pleats :/ It hits me funny and makes me look wider, but you look great it in!! I’m the same way with white though, I’m always scared about eating in it! haha

    1. Thank you so much Ashley!! I probably bought the dress against my better judegment – we’ll see how I do! I managed to get pen on my (expensive) embellished white t-shirt last week…I’m still kicking myself! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

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