J. Crew New Arrivals – February 2018

Hello! It has been too long – somehow it’s been a few months since I’ve posted last. January had me busy with some traveling and plenty of post-holiday shopping (hello 50% off sale at J.Crew that lasted ALL month). I’ve been feeling a little shopped out lately as I often do this time of year. Don’t worry, I usually recover in time to be all over spring purchases. But I am trying to be more mindful about purchases and taking time to actually wear the clothes in my closet. The January/February rollouts are often the less exciting ones at most retailers as they’re trying to preview spring clothes and we’re still working our way through winter clothes as winter is showing no signs of budging. However, I had some returns to make this past weekend so I stopped in to my store and tried on some of the new arrivals at J.Crew.

First up, the Wrap Dress in 365 Crepe.

This is a big love for me. I thought it looked just ok on the model, if not a little sloppy the way the dress is flopping open in the website photo. But, as you can see, no flopping action here and there is a little button inside the dress to keep everything together. It is a true wrap dress so it’s a bit of a chore to get in/out of it, get tied up correctly and all that fun stuff. I don’t have the right bra on but it would be less busty with the right undergarments and I would probably employ some double sided tape to make sure there were no wardrobe malfunctions. I’m wearing a size 6 which is my regular dress size and I’m 5’8″ and this was above my knee and as you can see the sleeves are bracelet if not 3/4 length. I could possible do a tall in this and I may still try that out for sleeve length but the length of the dress itself doesn’t bother me. This reminded me of a DVF dress I rented recently from my Rent the Runway Unlimited subscription (more on that in another post soon I promise!) and while not as heavy as that dress, I can definitely see being able to wear this all year, hence the name! This also comes in a dark green, which my store did not have but I was happy with the black.

Next up, the The Going-Out Blazer with Ruffles which I’ve paired with the “Love First” T-Shirt and the Vintage Straight Jean in Reed wash with Button Fly

Shoes: Audrey Flats in Suede

I have the khaki version of this jacket and love it – I wore it on a trip to Arizona last month and I know it will be a spring staple. I really like it in the black but am hesitating at this point since the style of the jacket is so unique. I’m wearing a 6 in the jacket which is my schoolboy/suiting blazer size (I’m usually a 4 in the Regent). The tee is cute and comes in grey or blue but I’m feeling a little slogan tee’d out right now. I had my eye on these jeans as soon as they came out but I’m wishing they were a slightly slimmer fit – I sized down to a 27 in these (I’m usually a 28 in the other vintage straight styles) and still I felt they were a little off. The sizing on the button fly skinny jeans at J.Crew didn’t quite work out either so I guess I’ll have to get my 90’s fix elsewhere on a pair of button fly jeans.

Next, up, the Merino Sweatshirt in Cheetah.

Personally, I’m not in love with this, but I know a lot of people will be. It’s a cross between a tippi sweater and a sweatshirt and has a slightly faded quality which I think is part of why it was a miss for me. It’s also more brown than black in the leopard spectrum, and I’m typically not one to wear brown. I’m wearing a small which is my usual t-shirt/sweater size these days. It is on the shorter side so will work with high waisted jeans and even better if you’re shorter in the torso.

Next up, the V-Neck Camisole in Watercolor Floral.

I liked this print in person more than I expected to. It also comes in a dress and I would have preferred this in a short sleeve blouse as I find these camis to be limiting since you pretty much have to layer them and then take your undergarments in to consideration and let’s face it, we all don’t want to wear strapless bras to work. This seems to be the polyester version of the much coveted Carrie cami from J.Crew. The colors in the print are different than a lot of what I have in my closet and I really liked the top with the High-Rise Toothpick in Charcoal Wash which are going on my wish list (I’m wearing a 29 which is my skinny jean size – they’re loose in the waist but need to accommodate my hips!) I’m wearing a 4 in the camisole which is the smaller of my two blouse sizes.

Next up, the Liberty Ruffle Jackie Cardigan and the Easy Pant in Foulard Print.

My store only had these pants in a size 6 which you can see are too tight. I’d go to an 8 which is the size I own in the solid version of these pants. I love the solid version of these pants – they are exactly as billed – EASY. Toss them on and go and while they’re a little relaxed with some elastic in the waist you still look put together for work. They’re slouchy in my regular pant size but in a not sloppy way. The cardigan is also on the small side – I’m wearing a medium and buttoned it was tight. I usually do a small or medium in the Jackie cardigans depending on if I’m going to button them, the sleeves can get big in the medium sometimes but as you can see this was a slim fit. It’s not really my style, but I think it’ll be popular.

Next up, the Wrap Top in Foulard Floral.

As with the dress, this top was a chore to put on. I sized down to an XS (which I didn’t realize until I saw what size my SA pulled for me and it was ok. I should have tried a small for comparison with length. I very much like the look of wrap tops and I would wear this to work or with white jeans on the weekend. It’s not an immediate must have for me but I do like the style.

Next up, the Silk Ruffle Dress in Watercolor Floral

I tried this to try it and I didn’t love it on me. It’s too short for my liking and the ruffle at the bottom isn’t doing me any favors. Styled with the right shoes and jewelry it would be cute but it’s personally not my style. I’d do the cami over the dress. The dress is silk though. I’m wearing a size small.

Last up, the “Friday” Long Sleeve T-Shirt.

I’m wearing a small in this tee and as you can see it runs generous, which I didn’t mind on this style of t-shirt. I’m not sure I would want it any smaller. Again with the slogan tees. I have the “Friday” tee from J.Crew Factory. What I want to know is, can I only wear it on Friday? Of course I could wear it on other days, but I think I would feel silly. Is that just me? This is a lighter weight tee, definitely flimsier than the Love First tee.

Well, that’s it for now. And I’m trying to refrain from clothes shopping this month which should line up well for timing as far as the next big rollout at the end of the month. I’ve been working on outfit planning from my closet and I’m still doing Rent the Runway which I will review at some point. So, how about you? Any loves from this rollout? Would love to hear what you think and thanks for stopping by!


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  1. I never know how much you want engagement over here v your Instagram but I love your detailed reviews and enjoy that you still keep up the blog!! Xo, Lauren

    1. Lauren, thank you for the feedback and taking the time to comment! I love getting comments here too – I take the time to write reviews and the posts so it’s always appreciated 🙂

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