Double Stripes

Apparently I was going through stripe withdrawal this morning since I chose to wear two striped shirts  today(and will admit that I briefly contemplated a striped skirt but figured I didn’t need to be dubbed crazy stripe lady or something).  I couldn’t stop thinking of the old Doublemint commercial, “double your pleasure, double your fun.” You know, double the stripes, double the fun…right? The day was looking brighter than it had all week but my office is still freezing, hence the long sleeves which I could roll up if I had to. I wanted to wear navy pants with this (again) but I wore navy pants yesterday so the skirt it was. I realized that one of my wardrobe holes is a good navy cotton pencil skirt so I’m on the hunt for that now as well as a new natural colored cotton pencil skirt.


Sweater, skirt (similar here) | J.Crew, Blouse | J.Crew Factory, Shoes | Nine West (here – on sale!)

And yes, I have another pair of pointy-toe bow flats. So what? I can’t turn down a good pair of bows.  I probably could have used one more swipe with the iron but these skirts are usually done for after a day at a desk. So, what do you think – too many stripes? Could I have swung the skirt too? Would love to hear what you think and thanks for visiting!

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