J.Crew New Arrivals – December 2017 Style Guide

Hello! Somehow it is already time for holiday season rollouts. I have a bit of a weakness for these rollouts – sequins, sparkles, velvet, plaid, I want it all. And there’s never enough time to wear it all. Which is what I am trying to keep in mind this year as I decide what to add in to the holiday rotation. This year’s holiday style guide was smaller than in year’s past and the new strategy at J.Crew seems to be doing smaller rollouts every few weeks. I was admittedly a little underwhelmed with the first rollout but stopped in to check it out in person and was pleased to see that a lot of the plaid will be coming in the next few weeks.

First up, the Lady Jacket in Sequin Tweed which I am wearing with the Perfect Shirt with Velvet Bows and Easy Pant in Velvet.

I loved all of these pieces. The velvet pants were a surprise love. I’m wearing a 6 which is a size down from my usual pant size and I still felt like I had a bit of breathing room. I’m wearing a 6 in both the jacket and the button down so they are true to size. The button down is a redo of last year’s Thomas Mason version. It reads a little waitstaff-ish on it’s own, but I think styled right, it’s a great holiday top. It is on the thinner side but that wasn’t a deal breaker for me (you can see my black bra under it in the next photo). I didn’t try the Thomas Mason version last year so I can’t compare the two. I did really like the jacket but know it would probably not get worn enough with the more voluminous sleeves, but I’ll consider it on sale. The only thing that bothered me was the lining was navy and orange which just didn’t match the look of the jacket. Not that you can see the lining but…black and red or grey would have made more sense. I have the Easy pants in matte crepe (both the Factory and the retail version) and while I wear an 8 in those, I thought the 6 was a good fit in these. I did take these home.

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J.Crew New Arrivals – November 2017

Hi there! Another month has passed and it is again time for new arrivals at J.Crew. This is the last fall rollout before we will see holiday items in November. There was no style guide this go around, only a small coat mailer, much to the chagrin of many J.Crew fans. My wallet is happy that I didn’t love every last thing in the rollout, but I did find a few things to take home, mostly staples for fall as I continue to rebuild my wardrobe.

First up is the Striped Turtleneck Sweater-Dress.

This dress comes in black/saddle and grey/ivory. My store only had the black/camel color in the store and it was almost sold out when I stopped in to shop. I am wearing a small and still have room. It is on the generous side but due to my curvy figure, I wouldn’t have attempted a smaller size. The ribbed mockneck is a nod to the 90’s without being blatant. The dress is a merino blend which is unfortunate and I’m hoping this one will hold up. I appreciated the length right above my knee. I have already worn this with black tights and black ankle boots.

Next up, the Cameron Bow Stretch Chino Pant with the Tiered bell-sleeve top in drapey crepe.

Earrings: J.Crew Drop Stone Earrings / Shoes: J.Crew (old, similar here and here)

My SA was wearing this combination when I stopped in, and I tried it out as well. I am not one to wear a lot of khakis so while they were cute, they were a pass. I’m wearing a size 10 in the pants which is a size up from my regular pant size and a size 4 in the blouse so I sized down in the blouse. I probably would have been fine with a 6 in the blouse as well. The top comes in ivory (it’s sort of a pink hued ivory) and ruby red. The red is a little muted and very pretty as well. I know every retailer is carrying piles of ruffles, bell sleeves and off-the-shoulder looks lately, but I liked this top and I would probably wear it after the trend has passed.

Next up, the Peplum-Sleeve V-Neck Sweater with the High-Rise Toothpick Jean in Prescott Wash.

This sweater also comes in smoky olive, heather river (light blue), and black. Again, it’s a wool/acrylic/nylon blend. I’m wearing a small in the sweater which is my regular size and it was a good fit. I like the slightly flared sleeves and slim fit in the body. And these jeans. I’m in love. I hadn’t tried the high-rise jeans since they renamed them and I love the dark wash with the faded front. I’m wearing a size 29 which seems to be my regular denim size these days.

Next up, the Tres Chic T-Shirt.

This is so cute! I’m wearing a size small. It seemed to run a tad small but not enough to go up a size. The tee is ivory and the lettering is blue and navy. I’ve bought my share of statement tees and I was glad to add this one to the collection. I’ve already worn it with my chino ruffle jacket, jeans and leopard flats and I’m sure I will be getting more wear out of it in to the fall.

Next up, the Embellished Cable Sweater.

I liked the look of this in the rollout but unfortunately it was a little too cropped for my taste. I’m wearing a size small in this and it’s still relaxed in the body. This is cute and I think if you’re more petite or don’t mind the more cropped look it’s a fun take on an ivory sweater. I thought I wasn’t going to like the not so full turtleneck neck but it didn’t bother me.

Next up, the Convertible Sweater Cape.

This comes in XXS/XS S/M and L/XL. I’m wearing the S/M and it was the right size. This was incredibly soft but it seems like it would be a shedding machine. But it was cozy. My issue is that always try on ponchos or capes and think I’m going to wear them and then never do, so this was a pass for me.

Next up, the Harlow Cardigan Sweater with Velvet Front

I am wearing a small in this cardigan. I liked the look of this laid out on the table but when I put it on it had the feeling of wearing a black vest over a grey cardigan and I wasn’t a fan of the contrast. The material is a wool blend as well which is also disappointing for their cardigans. Length wise it was ok though and this was my first try of the Harlow cardigan. I’m pretty set in the cardigan category, this was a pass for me.

Last up, the Ruffle-Hem Dress in Paisley Floral.

I saw this print online and I really wanted to like this in person but the print fell flat for me in person. I’m wearing a 6 in the dress which is the right size but ugh, these ruffles. There’s a ruffle right below the bust and then one on the back of the dress below the rear which made the back of this dress really unflattering as well. There is something off about the print to me. I didn’t try the blouse which was the piece I originally thought I’d like but since I didn’t love the print I didn’t try it out. I am really missing old school J.Crew prints lately!

So, that’s my recap of the latest J. Crew rollout. There are apparently more items arriving in store this week so it wasn’t the full rollout last week. Any items you are loving? Not so much? Would love to hear what you think and thanks for stopping by!


J.Crew New Arrivals – October 2017 Style Guide

Hello! Time for the first big full fall rollout at J.Crew! It’s usually my favorite time of year but for some reason this post took me forever to put together. Probably because I didn’t find that I loved everything I tried on. I didn’t leave completely empty handed but I was able to be a little more discerning and with the rate of things hitting sale these days, and the summer weather still upon us, there’s not much point at buying a lot out of the gate.

First up, in which I go against my goal of not buying too many fancy items that I will hardly wear. This is the Tiered Skirt in Polka Dot Embroidered Tulle which I am wearing with the Rue Saint-Honoré” graphic T-shirt.

I am wearing the 6 in the skirt, so the smaller of my two skirt sizes because it has a looser skirt and a small in the t-shirt. There was something about this skirt that spoke to me when I saw it online. Yes, it’s a little dressy for the office. I definitely wavered on purchasing this but with an extra 15% off coupon with the in store promotion, I went for it. I’m hoping it will make it in to the holiday party rotation and maybe to work as well. Yes, this is me attempting to justify this purchase. Onward.

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J.Crew New Arrivals – August 2017 Mini Rollout

Hi all! I stopped by the store the other night to make a return and visit my favorite (friend and) SA and didn’t intend to try anything on. That lasted about five minutes as I wandered around the store and decided I had to at least try on a few of the re-released “vintage” J.Crew items among one or two other items that caught my eye. I wasn’t dying to get my hands on a rollneck sweater or a rugby shirt, but I am not going to lie, I’m still thinking about that rugby shirt. So, here’s a quick post with a few try-ons from the latest “mini” rollout at J.Crew, visiting several dates from years past (but come on…how about some 2006/2007 blazer re-releases…please??)

First up, the 1984 Rugby Shirt in Stripe.

Jeans: Lookout High-Rise Jeans in White

I wore my share of rugby shirts in the early 1990’s. I’m wearing a size small and it still had a little room – if I wanted to go true 90’s style I’d size up to a medium. I was surprised at how much I liked this. It comes in three color ways, two of which are almost sold out. The navy and white is still in stock but the pink/navy and olive/champagne are almost gone. I didn’t buy it because even though I do like it, it’s more casual than I tend to go on the weekends and I’m not sure I would reach for it enough. But I can see why it’s popular. My store only had the white/navy but it seems like the pink/navy combination is pretty popular. If you’re looking to revisit an old classic, this is a good way to do it. Out of all of the re-released items, this one was my favorite.

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J.Crew New Arrivals – September 2017 Style Guide

Hello! It’s that time again. Summer is flying by and fall clothes are upon us. I admittedly wasn’t blown away by a lot of the latest new arrivals, and I did skip a lot of things to try because I know that I won’t wear them. At this point, I am focused on rebuilding some wardrobe basics for fall, but a few things ended up surprising me when I stopped in to my store for try-ons.

The first of the surprise “loves” for me was the Collection Pleated Skirt in Natural Denim with Leather.

Shoes: Audrey Flats in Suede

My SA handed me the skirt to try and I wrinkled my nose at her. Mmm…not sure about this one. But then I put it on and was pleasantly surprised. I am wearing an 8 in this photo but had some room in the waist so would go with a 6 which is my dress /non-pencil skirt size. I tried it on with a V-neck cross front bodysuit (also comes in grey, don’t see it on the website yet, item number is G8312 and it is $49.50) and am wearing a small in that which is true to size with my top size. I like how the skirt is styled on the website with a higher neck black top and one of the SAs had this exact outfit on with the suede Colette heels and I was in love. The buttons are still covered in the photo from the packaging but they’re black and the leather trim is a beautiful detail. The paper bag waist can be a hit or miss depending on the rest of the garment but the effect on this one is immediately slimming. I may have already caved and ordered this one.

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J.Crew New Arrivals – August 2017 Rollout

Hi! I have to say, it made me a little sad that I couldn’t put “style guide” in this latest post since there was no style guide for the August rollout. For years prior to ever having a local store, I used to dog ear all of the pages of the J.Crew style guides. I suppose in a time of digital consumption, not as many people want to page through a catalog but I am at least relieved to hear that they aren’t going away completely. At any rate, I stopped by my local store to check out the August rollout which is considered “pre-fall” transition. There is a mix of summer and fall items in this rollout. There were quite a few things my store didn’t have that I still want to try, but I guess they’re getting another shipment of the rollout next week.

Even without everything I wanted to try, as usual, I found a few fall items to love even in the middle of July. I’m in no rush to get to fall but I am absolutely guilty of buying a few fall things after this shopping trip. Ok, onward to the try-ons!

First up the Silk Easy Pant in Tiger print with the Collared Tippi Sweater.

I’m admittedly not a critter/animal/fruit on my clothing type of girl. A lot of people are. Which is totally fine and I think a ton of people look great in them…they’re usually not for me. I did really like the color scheme on these pants and well, this Tippi sweater is a given. I layer my Tippi sweaters like it’s my job but it’s all about having the right size sweater with the right button down and getting everything to lay flat, etc. can be a challenge. A built in striped collar? I’m sold. There’s a small chest pocket on this sweater and the wool is lighter weight than my Tippis of years past but I will absolutely be putting this one to use this fall. I’m wearing a small in the sweater so it’s true to size and I tried an 8 in the pants which is my usual pant size – they were a little roomy so you  may be able to size down if you don’t have the hip/rear situation going on that I do. They are the same zip/button fly as the foulard ones from last fall. Minus the tigers I’d be all over these and who knows, maybe I’ll eat my words after these go on a good sale. I’m also wearing the Lucie Suede Pumps which seem to be the Colette replacement (sad face). The website description says the heel is the same height but visually these looked taller and they changed the upper to be all one piece rather than the sectioned d’orsay of the Colette. These seemed to run big as the 9.5 had a gap on me but I didn’t try a 9.

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